Launch Applications Quickly With Freeware Quick Application Launchers

Written By Sam on 22 June 2009

Windows has got a very good start menu and a taskbar to help you launch your favorite applications easily. But this may not be true everytime and you may need a quick application launcher. There are many Freeware Quick Application launchers which will help you to launch your applications faster. Apart from launching the applications you can use them to decorate your desktop. Some of the applications launchers that I tried are Y’Z Dock, RK Launcher and SliderDock.


Yz Dock beta

Yz Dock is a program launcher which looks similar to the Mac OS X dock. You can easily add icons straight from the explorer to the dock with the drag and drop option. To delete the icon all you have to do is drag and drop the icon out of the dock. PNG images for your icons can be saved in the icons folder. Icons can be selected by right clicking anywhere on your dock and choosing the ‘property’ option. To change the settings, right click anywhere on your dock background and choose ‘settings’ that apply to the dock. Though this application doesn’t look great, it serves the purpose.

RK Launcher

RK Launcher is a free application which allows the users to have a visually pleasing bar at the side of the screen which can be used to quickly launch shortcuts. RK launcher is a very good taskbar replacement utility, with support for themes, PNG’s, ICO’s and with smooth amazing animations. You can easily customize the icons and programs. The icons will automatically grow when the mouse is moved over the dock, windows taskbar shows the minimized windows and all parts of RK launcher can be totally customized. The good thing I liked is RK Launcher will automatically place a shortcut on the launcher when an application is started for the first time.


SliderDock is an application launcher which allows the users to easily drag and drop icons, and these can be accessed later on by a double click on them. In SlideDock you don’t have to chase the icons to run an application, you can just rotate the mouse wheel and the icons come to you. In order to add icons, you just need to drag and drop. SliderDock launches the applications very quickly. SliderDock needs .net 3.5 SP1 framework.

Download Yz Dock beta
Download RK Launcher
Download SliderDock

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  1. Pallab says:

    Another very nice dock software worth trying out is Rocket Dock. However, I have stopped using these softwares ever since I got hooked to launchy. Its lighter, faster and more convinient. However, the docks to make ur desk look pretty.

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