Watch Your Laptop Battery Charge Below the Mouse With BattCursor

Written By Sam on 25 May 2009

Are you tired of always looking at the system tray area of the Taskbar to check the battery status ? Isn’t it good if you can see it always ? BattCursor is the solution. BattCursor is a simple Freeware utility which shows you the remaining battery charge in directly under the mouse cursor which is always visible. Apart from showing the battery charge it has got many battery saving features for your laptops. When the system is inactive it automatically dims down the display brightness, disables Windows Sidebar and Aero Glass and much more.


The good thing with BattCursor is that the mouse cursor itself shows the battery charge when it is low. For example, the cursor shows white at 100%, while discharging it shows yellow at 25% and finally at critical battery the cursor becomes red.

BattCursor also offers changes to the display brightness and volume display system by OSD so some OEM software can be replaced by BattCursor. BattCursor requires Windows Vista and Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0. I tried it on my Windows 7 machine and it worked fine.

3 Responses to “Watch Your Laptop Battery Charge Below the Mouse With BattCursor”

  1. Many thanks for publishing my application in here 🙂

    • Samrat P says:

      @Thomas Baumann

      You are always welcome.. BTW the application looks very good… Can you increase the quality of the mouse pointer a bit? It would really look gr8 then..

  2. Thanks again 🙂
    Yes, I have tried this already, but without getting much better results. This one is in almost every case readable, my other tries not. But I haven’t stopped to try to find a better way, I promise 😉
    Maybe for the next version (for this I hope to get the cholorize feature running on Windows 7 also)
    But nice to see that my english is readable enough (as it seems) ^^

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