Apple Adds Multitasking to iPhone With iPhone OS 4.0 While Preserving Battery Life and Performance

Written By Sam on 8 April 2010

After a long wait Apple has finally added Multitasking to the iPhone OS 4.0. This was one of the main feature that many people are looking for in the Apple iPhone. As we reported earlier in our 5 Things to Expect From iPhone 4.0 Firmware, Multitasking is in the Apple’s priority list. Along with multitasking there are other 6 interesting features that are added to iPhone OS 4.0.

Apple iPhone Multitasking in iPhone OS 4.0

Steve Jobs said in the iPhone 4.0 event that Multitasking is coming to the iPhone and it will be done in a way that doesn’t hinder performance or the battery life of your iPhone. I guess that Apple has done a good amount of reasearch before bringing the Multitasking feature to iPhone OS. Scott Forstall, SVP of iPhone software tells that they have looked at tens of thousands of apps in the app store, and distilled the services those apps need to run in the background. They finally implemented those services which will be provided as APIs to developers so they can add multitasking while preserving battery life.

iPhone OS 4.0 Multitasking API

  1. Background Audio
  2. Voice over IP
  3. Background Location
  4. Push Notifications
  5. Local Notifications
  6. Task Completion
  7. Fast App Switching

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