New Features in Apple iPhone OS 4.0 – Multitasking, Folders, Mail, iBooks, Enterprise, Game Center and iAd

Written By Sam on 9 April 2010

Beating up all the rumors Apple has finally announced about the iPhone OS 4.0 which includes lot many features still making the Apple iPhone a hot device in the market. Most of the features that the users expected came true with the Apple iPhone OS 4. Features like Multitasking which was only available for Jailbroken iPhones is now available in iPhone 4.0 firmware. Apart from Multitasking iPhone OS 4.0 also includes features like Folders, Mail, iBooks, Enterprise, Game Center and iAd.

Multitasking in iPhone OS 4.0

This is one of the most awaiting feature in iPhone. Currently multitasking is only available for Jailbroken iPhones in a limited way. But now with iPhone OS 4.0 Apple brings in Multitasking to iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3G. The upcoming so called iPhone HD will also include the multitasking feature. Jobs clearly mentioned that “Multitasking is coning to the iPhone and it will be done in a way that doesn’t hinder performance or battery life”. iPhone OS 4.0 includes 7 multitasking services – Background Audio, Voice Over IP, Background Location, Push Notifications, Local Notifications, Task Completion and Fast App Switching. Apple has shown different examples Apps like Pandora and Skype.

Folders in iPhone OS 4.0

Folders will be added to iPhone 4.0 OS which will allow you to drag and drop apps onto one another to create application folders. You can drag and drop apps onto one another to create folders and even the name auto-populates. It features Drag and drop UI, Intelligent naming and you can now have 2160 apps instead of just 180.

Enhanced Mail in iPhone OS 4.0

Lot of features are added to Mail and the most important feature is the unified inbox. So if you have got several mail accounts on your iPhone this new feature will help you a lot. Mail can now be organized by thread. Moreover Mail can now open attachments within Mail and have the file open in an app on the iPhone or iPad. Enhanced mail features unified inbox, threaded messages, Multiple Exchange accounts and Fast switching.

iBooks in iPhone OS 4.0

iBooks was already featured on Apple iPad and this now comes to iPhone and iPod Touch. iBooks in iPhone OS 4.o features Delightful ebook reader, iBookstore, Buy once read anywhere, sync pages and bookmarks.

Enterprise in iPhone OS 4.0

Enterprise features in iPhone OS 4 include data protection with better encryption, Mobile device management, Wireless app distribution, Multiple exchange accounts, Exchange Server 2010 and SSL VPN Support. iPhone 4.0 provides API’s for developers to encrypt all the data inside their app also.

Game Center in iPhone OS 4.0

To compete with other gaming devices Apple is launching a gaming Center with iPhone OS 4.0. Apple says that they have got around 50,000+ gaming titles when compared with the 4300+ Nintendo DS titles and 2400+ Sony PSP titles. Apple’s social gaming network does automatic matchmaking, finds others players with a similar ability and match them against you. You can also see how you are progressing in a game with achievements.

iAd Mobile Advertising in iPhone OS 4.0

This is one of the interesting feature of iPhone OS 4.0. Jobs says that iAd helps Free Apps and Developers in making some money. iAd brings Interaction and Emotions to the Ads that are displayed in the Apps. iAd features Emotion + Interactivity, Ads keep you in your app, Built into iPhone OS, Apple sells and hosts the ads and 60% revenue goes to Developers.

So totally all these new features in iPhone 4.0 Firmware will definitely attract more users to go for an Apple iPhone or the iPod Touch or the iPad.

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