iPhone OS 4.0 Brings In MultiTasking Support For 3rd Party iPhone Apps

Written By Sam on 13 March 2010

Rumors in the tech world indicate that the Apple is set to implement the multi-tasking capabilities in its iPhone OS 4.0 for the delight of all the users who desperately wanted multitasking support in their iPhones. According to the Appleinsider’s proven sources, Apple developed a full-on solution for third party multitasking, which will be embedded in the iPhone OS 4.0.

Reports indicate that the iPhone SpringBoard.js will refer to “multitasking dialog box” thus providing multi tasking for the device. However, iPhone has certain limitations, which are essentially to be addressed by the Apple team before releasing the final version. Concerns of iPhone for the implementation of multitasking include security, memory usage and battery life.

Not being a paged memory model, multitasking applications must utilize the same memory space of the device causing many memory warnings and crashes in the device. Multitasking feature also requires a long lasting and slightly bigger battery life along with a highly effective and speed Apple iPhone Chip for avoiding the over-burden on the mobile CPU that results in slowing down the processes running in the phone. Security in iPhone might be major concern, as the chances of virus and malware attacks are more in multitasking applications rather than the singe purpose apps.

Apple has provided as many amazingly enhanced features for iPhone till date and if the rumors come true, this multitasking feature in the iPhone OS4.0 will certainly be a pleasure to all the iPhone users and hardcore Apple fans! We have to await until Apple officially announces this feature in its upcoming OS 4.0.

Source: Apple Insider

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  1. I believe this one feature should be from the first version.. Though I hope its not a rumor..

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