XPize 5 – Transformation Pack for Windows XP and Server 2003

Written By Sam on 17 August 2009

XPize is a simple utility for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 that replaces most of the non-XP icons, animations and bitmaps. Unlike the “Shell Packs” tools which completely transform the look of Windows XP/2003, XPize gives a modern look to your system without losing the XP taste. XPize is developed under the .NET Framework and lets you tweak your visual settings and the way desktop icons are shown. You can change the desktop icons size along with the spacing between them and their view mode.


There is also a XPize Reloader tool which can repatch any system files that have reverted back to their default old XP look and this generally happens after visiting Windows Update or installing a Windows hotfix.

Features of “XPize”

  • Patches more than 150 system files.
  • Gives Windows XP a fresh new look with new animations, icons, images, boot screen, logon screen and screensaver.
  • Allows you to create a custom Windows CD using the I386 Patching feature.
  • Compatible with nLite’s hotfix integration.

Latest Additions to XPize

  • Added Windows Defender, access.cpl, helpctr.exe, audiodev.dll
  • IE7 patched by default and Full Darkside IE8 support
  • Fixed ieframe.dll
  • Added bitmap 290 in shell32.dll
  • Modified icon 3 in sysdm.cpl, icon 101 in hotplug.dll, icon 25 in setupapi.dll and icon 129 in mailcfg.cpl.
  • New Luna Element bitmaps for Explorer and GINA
  • Cards.dll and Spider.exe
  • Windows Desktop Search 4.x
  • Luna Element shellstyles and Luna Element Black 5.1

Download XPize 5 Release 5

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