SBRotator Jailbreak Tweak Enables Landscape View Homescreen & Apps on iPhone

Written By Sam on 7 December 2010

iPad users who were smugly confident that the landscape homescreen orientation could not possibly be available for iPhone and iPod touch users have to wipe off some of the smugness.

Here we have an interesting piece of news. SBRotator is a jailbreak tweak that will bring this facility to the iPhone and will even permit all apps to work in this landscape view. If you believe in viewing life from different angles and are an iPhone user, this permits you to put your belief into practice.

SBRotator is compatible with iOS 4.x too. It will work in all four orientations. There may be some niggles here and there but the main thing is that you can get your iPhone to work in the landscape view. The homescreen can be customized to your liking. SB Rotator is fully compatible with Cydia icon tweaks such as Five Icon, Iconoclasm, InfiniBoard, InfiniDock, Shrink and Overboard.

The niggles are tiny ones and should be taken care of in future updates.

The basic necessity to install SBRotator is to have a jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch. (Jailbreak these devices using Redsn0w or Limera1n on iOS 4.1)

No, it is not free. You have to shell out $ 1.99 to download it from Cydia under the BigBoss repository.

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