Buy iPhone 3GS in India – 3GS 16GB Rs. 35,500 and 3GS 32GB Rs 41,500

Written By Sam on 25 March 2010

Finally Airtel announced the date of iPhone 3GS launch in India. Starting from march 26th all the Airtel customers can purchase iPhone 3GS from Airtel authorized retail stores across India including select Airtel Relationship Centers. The prices of iPhone 3GS 16GB and 32GB are similar to the earlier iPhone 3G model. But when compared with the pricing all over the world, the price of 3GS in India is very high. The price of iPhone 3G, 3GS 16GB, 3GS 32GB models are 29,500($670), 35,500($800) and 41,500($935) respectively. The same iPhone 3GS 16GB, 32GB and iPhone 3G are priced at $599, $699 and $499 respectively in US without any contract. This is a very sad thing for every Indian who is desperately looking for an iPhone 3GS when the world is waiting for the iPhone 4G.

Price Comparison of iPhone 3GS in India, US (Without Contract) and Hongkong (Unlocked)

iPhone Model Airtel India US (Without Contract) Hongkong (Unlocked)
iPhone 3G $670 USD Approx $499 USD $580 USD Approx
iPhone 3GS 16GB $800 USD Approx $599 USD $700 USD Approx
iPhone 3GS 32GB $935 USD Approx $699 USD $810 USD Approx

iPhone 3GS in India on March 26th from Airtel

iPhone 3GS has got many good features when compared with the iPhone 3G. Though many Apple fans love to Buy iPhone in India, the pricing will definitely pause them to think about an alternative. iPhone 3GS from Airtel will be available from Rs. 35,500 for the 16GB model and Rs 41,500 for the 32GB model and you can enjoy 500 MB of free data every month for a year from the date of their iPhone 3GS activation. Sadly those who are planning to buy the iPhone 3G 8GB model have to shell out Rs 29,500.

Bharti Airtel iPhone 3GS Pricing

Details iPhone 3GS Plan
Free Data per month (MB) 500
iPhone 3G 8GB (Rs) 29,500*
iPhone 3GS 16GB (Rs) 35,500*
iPhone 3GS 32GB (Rs) 41,500*

*The prices may vary in some States due to differential VAT.

BTW don’t keep any hopes that iPhone 3GS from Vodafone or Reliance or any other network would come at a subsidized price. It’s better to get an iPhone 3GS from US or Hongkong instead of buying it in India.

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