Buy Factory Unlocked iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G in 23 Countries

Written By Sam on 28 March 2010

Recent Airtel and Vodafone started selling Apple iPhone 3GS in India when everyone is talking about iPhone 4G. Moreover the prices of iPhone 3GS in India are very high when compared with the price in rest of the countries. In US you can get the iPhone 3GS without contract for $599(16GB) and $699(32GB) respectively. So if you are in a country like India, it is better to either get an iPhone 3GS from US and unlock it or get an Unlocked iPhone 3GS.

Where to Buy Factory Unlocked iPhone 3GS and 3G

To all those who are new to the iPhone, all the Apple iPhones come locked to a particular carrier depending on the market there are in, these carriers include AT&T, T-Mobile, Orange, AirTel, Vodafone and many others as well. In order to use these devices with other carriers users are forced to jailbreak iPhone and then unlock it. But very few are aware that they can actually get officially unlocked iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G from the Apple Online Stores or other stores. In countries like Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia mandating customers for contracts is illegal and you can always got for Factory Unlocked iPhones.

The comprehensive list of 23 regions world wide where Apple lovers can get a factory unlocked iPhone handset from the Apple Online stores are mentioned below. If you are looking for Factory Unlocked iPhone 4G, then you can visit any of the below countries to get it when it is launched!

Where to Buy Officially Unlocked iPhone 3GS and 3G in Europe

Though you can not get an unlocked iPhone from the United States and Canada region, in the Europe region, there are eight countries where several carriers sell unlocked iPhones. In Belgium, you can get an unlocked Mobistar carrier iPhone for a price of 575 EUR and 675 EUR for 16GB and 32GB respectively. Czech Republic provides unlocked iPhone for carriers O2, T-Mobile and Vodafone at a price of 15,777 CZK and 18,377 CZK for 16GB and 32GB capacities, similarly unlocked TIM and Vodafone iPhones in Italy costs around 619 EUR and 719 EUR. You can also get unlocked iPhones from Greece, Luxembourg, Russia, Slovakia and Turkey.

Buy Officially Unlocked iPhone 3GS and 3G in Asia-Pacific

The Asia-pacific region adds eight more countries to the list that include China, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. Hong Kong is the cheapest country to buy an unlocked iPhone; cost of unlocked 3 carrier iPhone is around $5,388 and $6,288 for 16GB and 32GB capacities. Unlocked iPhones in Malaysia (Maxis) are priced at around RM2490 (16 GB) and RM2990 (32GB); Factory Unlocked iPhone 3GS in New Zealand (Vodafone) are priced at 1,179 NZD (16 GB) and 1,379 NZD (32 GB) respectively.

Buy Factory Unlocked iPhone 3GS in Latin America, Middle East and Africa

Countries in Latin America – Caribbean region, Brazil and Ecuador are also selling the unlocked iPhones along with the countries in the Middle east region – Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. In African region, the unlocked iPhones can be grabbed from South Africa and Uganda.

According to the information from Apple, these factory unlocked iPhone 3GS and 3G purchased from the Apple Online Store are capable of being activated with any wireless carrier. Users can insert their SIM and connect to iTunes for completion of the activation process; however the purchase limitations might be applicable.

Now that you have known where from you can get an unlocked iPhone, grab yourself one very soon and ethically rejoice all the amazing features of this magical device!

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