Factory Unlocked iPhone 4 is Cheapest in Hong Kong and Expensive in Italy

Written By Sam on 4 August 2010

When iPhone 4 was initially released in June, it was available to a small segment of the market. However, things have changed with Apple now making iPhone 4 available to a larger segment across the world via wireless carriers and retailers. This has also resulted in iPhone 4 bearing different price tags indifferent regions of the world.

iFun has come out with an interesting infographic showing the pricing pattern of iPhone 4 across the world. The prices are in Euros and it includes only unlocked iPhone 4 pieces on sale. However, the graph does not take into account iPhone 4 prices in those countries where the iPhone is tied to a carrier’s network.

The graphic clearly reveals that iPhone 4 is cheapest in Hong Kong with a price tag of 496 Euros (appox $650) for a 16GB model and 585 Euros for the 32GB model. In sharp contrast, the iPhone 4 is highest priced in Italy where a 16GB iPhone model costs 659 Euros and the 32 GB model costs a whopping 779 Euros.

The graph clearly reveals that the price of iPhone 4 is higher in European markets as compared to the Asian markets. However, most potential customers would like to take advantage of the offers by local wireless carriers. It is however quite surprising to note the huge difference in price tags in markets across the globe, with no official word on reasons for difference in pricing.

via iFun

5 Responses to “Factory Unlocked iPhone 4 is Cheapest in Hong Kong and Expensive in Italy”

  1. Alan says:

    well, not really a surprise since the iPhone is manufactured just across the border from Hong Kong, and Hong Kong doesn’t have import taxes or sales taxes.

  2. samir says:

    Where can I buy the iphone4 in hongkong?

  3. Raghu Vishal says:

    There is an Apple store on the famous Nathan Road (Kowloon, HK) which would be the best place. Besides, Nathan Road is riddled with electronics stores peddling iPhones with their characteristic “low price” and “you buy now?” chants.

  4. Nurlan says:

    In Hong Kong there is unlocked iPhone?

  5. Nirali Shah says:

    where can i get an ORIGINAL iPhone 4 FACTORY UNLOCKED 16 GB in Hong Kong??? and how much is it for?? pleaseeee help some one!! :$ :$

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