Adobe Flash Coming to iPhone and iPad, Comex Ports Flash for Android to Jailbroken iPad

Written By Sam on 5 July 2010

The iPhone, iPod and the iPad are non-Flash devices as Apple claims Flash vexes all its devices. But there are many enthusiasts who were trying to port or bring Flash on iDevices. One such guy, Comex the pioneer iPhone hacker debuted Frash by porting the original Flash Player for the Android to the iPhone.

Earlier Comex, has introduced Spirit, an iOS 3.1.3 jailbreak solution. Comex is now going for the kill by stenciling Frash to run on the iPad. There were a few dry runs earlier, on the Safari browser, proving Flash apps can run on iPad. The future holds good for iPhone 3GS and for the iOS 4 too with Frash to be adapted for them in the near future.

Here is a clarion call for all religious Flash devs. If you are interested in helping out Comex the head over to to show your skills in helping him to run Flash on iDevices.

Frash for iPhone

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