Adobe Flash Ported to iPhone By Comex [Video Preview]

Written By Sam on 15 June 2010

One of the important feature that is missing from the Apple iPhone or the other iDevices is the support for Adobe Flash. Though there are many users who would love to view the Flash content on the devices, Apple is pulling its leg back saying that it wouldn’t support Adobe Flash because of security constraints. There are some Apps like “CloudBrowse” which will render the flash content on their iPhone and render the page in a way that the iPhone/iPad understands. But now Comex, the same guy who developed the SpiritJB is trying to port Flash to iOS.

Comex has posted a YouTube video of flash content running in Safari. He even mentioned on Twitter that he is working on a project that involves porting Adobe Flash to iPhone OS. Though this project is in the budding stage, it atleast hints us there are chances to view Flash content on iPhone.

Flash on iPhone – Video Preview

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