Olympus Unveils E-PL2 Micro Four-third Camera To Hit Shelves Soon

Written By Sam on 13 January 2011

Olympus has announced its E-PL2 Micro Four-third, which is essentially a follow-up of the E-PL1 camera. This is obvously an improved version of the earlier version and brings to mind the Panasonic Lumix GF2 that was released an an improvement over its GF1. E-PL1 wasn’t a bad camera but with newer cutting-edge models in the market, it was expected that Olympus would follow it up with a newer version. And it did.

Here are the notable features of the E-PL2, which are an improvement over the previous model:

  • 12.3MP sensor
  • 720p video abilities (1080p would have been still better, no?)
  • 6400 ISO range (from the previous 3200)
  • Larger grip and button layout
  • Silent focus abilities

However, the most impressive improvement of this Olympus camera is its 460,000 dots, 3-inch LCD screen. This screen comes with double the resolution of the previous model. The 3-inch screen includes the company’s LiveView mode, which allows users the rear LCD. It also comes with a 14-43mm f3.5/5.6 ‘kit lens’ and is priced at $599. The model is likely to hit the stores soon.

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