Create (Generate) Privacy Policy For Your Blog or Website Online For Free

Written By Sam on 9 September 2010

Many of us understand the fact that Blogs, Websites and ISPs often track, collect, and share information about online activities of web users. The concern amongst surfers about their online privacy is also growing and websites that do not want to lose their prized viewers, and wish to guard their reputations, are getting their act together to ensure privacy policies are in place.

A privacy policy is essentially a document that discloses what a particular website intends to do with a web surfer’s personal data. Some websites that have information strictly pertaining to its businesses and services and do not require users to provide personal inputs may not get away without a privacy policy. However in the present scenario it is imperative that all sites, and particularly those that gather information from its visitors, explain to them what exactly they mean to do with the available data. Is the information going to be passed on to third parties? How will the website regulate the use of information? These and other such concerns are addressed and explained in a website’s privacy policy.

The kind of privacy policy often depends on the type of a website, which is why companies have launched various solutions to enable custom-made privacy policies. is one such provider of customised privacy policies. They claim to offer professional privacy policies that can be tailored using ‘user-friendly’ tools. They also claim to provide policies to suit the exact requirement of a website owner. The policies are offered in HTML and plain text versions. Alternatively you can try out to create easy-to-read, highly effective, custom privacy policies. The site also includes various compliance verification tools, to help bring your privacy policy in line with various state and federal privacy laws and 3rd party iniatives, including the Federal Trade Commission Fair Information Practices, Trust Guard Privacy guidelines, Google Adsense Privacy Policy requirements and more!

So, if you are a website or a blog owner who is yet to get your privacy policy up, you may want to check out these web services and generate a privacy policy.

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