Microsoft Confirmed Cloud Based Office 365 Service by End of June

Written By Sam on 8 June 2011

Microsoft confirmed that the official launch of its most awaited cloud-based Office 365 service will be held by end of this month. Microsoft Office 365 sporting many enhancements will be available to users world wide from late June 2011 at a price starting from $2 to $24 per month. Office 365 is a cloud based service of Microsoft which comes with a combination of Microsoft Office Web Apps and web-enabled tools. Comprising many interesting features, this service does not require any additional hardware to be installed and is quite easy to work is with.

Microsoft Office 365 is not only robust and secure but also reliable and easily controllable. This service is available in two versions – one for small businesses and other one is the enterprise version for professionals or organizations. Features of Office 365 includes powerful Microsoft Exchange Online service, access to Office Web Apps, Microsoft SharePoint Online service, Microsoft IM and Microsoft Lync Online services. Enabling you to access emails, calendar and contacts virtually from anywhere and any web browser, Exchange Online service supports devices including PCs, Macintosh computers, iPhone, Android phones, Blackberry and WinCE smartphones as well. Exchange Online service offers 25 GB of mailbox per user and allows them to send 25 MB of email messages, which is really huge. You can use the Calendar in the Exchange Online to schedule meetings and see your colleague’s availability and suggested meeting times. This service comes with Microsoft Forefront Online Protection for Exchange, that protects your mailboxes from being attacked from spams and viruses.

Office 365 includes Office Web apps powered by Microsoft SharePoint Online, which lets you edit, access and view all the documents, speardsheets and presentations from any browser. Having consistent formatting, Office Web apps allows users to view documents and speardsheets even from their mobile handsets as well. With Microsoft SharePoint Online, you can manage, access, share documents, contacts, tasks and calendars in a single location and from a shared computer or smartphones without much haze. You can share documents through password-protected website and collaborate with SharePoint for viewing them on your mobile handset.

Office 365’s IM capabilities and Lync Online features are remarkable, as they allow organizations to conduct video meetings and online meetings within the Office applications. Lync provides amazing Video chat capabilities to Office 365. Using IM, you can chat with your friends, share desktop, conduct audio, video, and web conferencing for both inside as well as outside of your business too. The Click-to-Communicate feature of this service is very handy and lets you communicate with other users of Office 365, Windows Live and Windows Live Messenger.

Microsoft Office 365 comes for a price of $6 per month for small business utilisation’s and nearly subscription of $24 per month for organizations. As per the Service Level agreement (SLA) Microsoft Office 365 Guarantees 99% of uptime. This service also offers safety of critical data through geo-redundant, enterprise-grade reliability and disaster recovery system that follows strict privacy policy and has multiple datacenters as well as automatic failovers. Beta version of Office 365(for 30-days on trail basis) is being offered for free by Microsoft and is available for download from the official website, however you can upgrade to the complete version by purchasing it.

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