Create Your Own Website For Free in Just Few Clicks With uCoz Website Builder

Written By Sam on 26 October 2011

If you aspire to create your own website but are hesitating due of the complexity involved in creation of websites, then you must certainly check out uCoz, an online free website builder that enables you to do it at a jiffy! uCoz website builder is a popular service that helps users create a free website with enhanced capabilities at an ease. Now, You do not need any technical expertise of web designing to create websites any longer as uCoz does it all for you. uCoz tutorials guides you on how to make a website for free and even facilitates hosting and CMS that can be useful for wide range of projects along with many other comprehensive features in website creation.

uCoz website builder allows you to create blogs, guestbook’s, forums, websites either for personal or professional usage without much haze. To create a free website through uCoz, you have to register with them. Upon registration you will be provided one free domain name and if you desire another one you can purchase it from any available registrar. User interface of uCoz is so impressive that simplifies things even to a novice. This website builder also provides ample of features like template builder, support of PHP and third party database servers like MySQL. There are 250 ready to use templates available with uCoz which eases your task of creating free website and you can even design your own templates using template builder. You can check for different conditions using special template language and even extend the website functionality using the PHP and database server features provided by uCoz.

Providing unlimited traffic and loads of disk space uCoz website builder allows you to upload files either through FTP or even from the simple web interface. uCoz is a very secure and well protected website builder that maintains your website’s security. This website builder is also capable of providing backup to your content. Content Management Systems (CMS) of this service is very efficient and you can rejoice effective control over design of web applications through HTML templates along with RSS import and export features as well. uCoz also comes with a variety of modules, tools and features that will keep you awed all the while. You can create your own set of smiley’s through Smiley’s Editor, add informal BB codes, store MP3 audio files and even customize banners on your site in uCoz. This website builder supports 21 modules like – Forum (Bulletin Board), E-Shop, Site News, Page Editor, User Management, Awards, Photo Albums, Online games, Ad Board, to name a few. All these modules are also capable of being adaptable for different tasks.

uCoz website maker utilizes the core principles of web development in terms of functionality, usability, tuning capabilities, flexibility and simplicity thus helping you to create a website for free. This website builder is not 100% open source and there is no SEO support and no personal usage of PHP, Perl, ASP scripts either. Sometimes you might get annoyed with forced ads in the free version as well. uCoz website builder is certainly worth trying for its unlimited hosting and variety of features being offered for free! And you can always upgrade to premium versions by paying as little as $3.09 per month. You need not install anything to use uCoz, you can directly work on your project once you register with them, which hardly takes 30 seconds. So if you are looking to make your own website for free then go ahead and register yourself with uCoz and create your own website today!

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    This is a good one. Definitely, I will register and would like try to make my own website.

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