Blogger Stats Features Real-Time Tracking, Top Search Keywords, Countries, Browsers and More

Written By Sam on 31 August 2010

Blogger, the famous blogging platform has got a new Stats tab on the eve of its 18th birthday. Initially launched to Blogger in Draft in July, Blogger Stats is a cool real time stats service that completely integrates with Blogger, in order to allow everyone track blog stats and audience insights at an ease.

Blogger Stats allows you to track blog’s traffic and analyze what exactly audience are looking for, thus helping you establish your blog. With great user interface, this new feature incorporates easy-to-read graphs and charts that enable users to track statistics easily.

Featuring effective bot traffic filtering, Blogger Stats also includes rate limiting and internationalization (more than 40 languages) functions. This Stats tab also avoids self page views count by simply selecting “Don’t track…” option from “Don’t track your own pageviews” link, which is helpful is tracking accurate pageview data. Along with this tremendously useful tab, Blogger implemented Comments tab and also increased number of Admins to six which was earlier confined to Four. It is really good to see Blogger implementing all requested features from its users and making it more feasible to utilize!

Features included in Blogger Stats

  • Real-time tracking
  • Easy available insights about your audience
  • Great user interface
  • Easy to read graphs and charts
  • Self-view exclusion
  • Effective bot traffic filtering
  • Rate Limiting the visitor counts from same user
  • Internationalization up to 40 languages

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  1. Rahul says:

    I not checked it still. but i will do it today. Because i am not tracking stats for my blog.

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