Google Webmaster Tools Redesigned to Give Better Accessibilty

Written By Sam on 13 May 2009

Google Webmaster Central consists of a set of tools which will help you with a detailed analysis of your site along with data related to crawling and indexing. All this data from the Google Webmaster Tools can be used by webmasters to analyze and enhance their sites thus making it more search engine friendly. Today I logged into my webmasters account to see that it has been redesigned.


The latest interface of Webmaster Tools looks pretty clear and crisper. The dashboard now shows Top search queries, Crawl errors, Links to your site and Sitemaps. All the features are now grouped under three categories: Site configuration (Sitemaps, Crawler access, Sitelinks and Settings), Your site on the web (Top search queries, Links to your site, Keywords, Internal links and Subscriber stats) and Diagnostics (Crawl errors, Crawl stats and HTML suggestions).

The other changes in the Webmaster Tools Spring time design refresh include – More top search queries, Sitemap tracking for multiple users, Message subscription, Smarter help and Removal of the enhanced Image Search option.

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