Pirated Windows 7 Pre-Activated on Computers from 28 OEMs, Activation Mechanism Bypassed

Written By Sam on 16 October 2010

Hackers cracked and activated the Ultimate version of Windows 7 even before it was released in July last year, with the help from a leaked Lenovo OEM (original equipment manufacturer) DVD .ISO file. The latest buzz is about a new pirated version of the OS that is understood to have been tested on a wide number of computers from different OEMs. In fact, the hackers claim the their copy of Windows 7 Ultimate was tested on computers with hardware from as many as 28 OEMs. So, using this version one can install Windows 7 and not worry about activation because as “the activation mechanism of Windows 7 has been cracked, and completely bypassed“.

So, users with no qualms about using counterfeit and pirated software can download the pirated Windows 7 Ultimate SKU, extract the ISO, burn it onto a disk, and then install it. That’s it. No need to enter a product key, no need to activate the platform.

Softpedia tells us “the pre-activated Windows 7 Ultimate works on computers from Advent, Acer, Alienware, Asus, Compaq, Benq, Dell, Fujitsu, Founder, Gigabyte, Hasee, Haier, HCL, HP, Jooyon, LG, Lenovo, MSI, Medion, NEC, Quanmax, Nokia, Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, Tongfang, Trigem and Viliv”.

However, it’s unlikely that any OEM from this list will want to install the software in this manner and sell it bundled with their gadgets to get into a legal hassle with Microsoft. It’s rather the computer resellers that may find the crack handy; for all they would need is the pirated Windows 7 software and computers from listed OEMs to put two and two together.

We at TechHail do not encourage our readers to Install Cracked or Pirated versions of Software. We are completely against it and this article is published just for informational purpose only!

via SoftPedia

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