The Samsung Galaxy Nexus – Awesomeness Doesn’t Come Cheap

Written By Sam on 7 November 2011

I’ve always tended to sit on the fence when it comes to Google – a terrible quandary to face when you’re a blogger. I mean, on the one hand I absolutely rely on its infinite knowledge for every question I’ve ever asked myself or other people, including whether or not that’s Kevin Spacey being a dick in eighties classic, Working Girl (it is). In a way, Google is easy street. But then there’s that other half of me, dangling awkwardly off the fence, and this is the side that takes infoblogs such as this seriously. Much like Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory, I’m terrified regarding the delicate power/knowledge relationship (thank you, Gramsci), and those statistics often push me so far over the edge I consider leaving the internet forever. I said ‘consider’; I’m not an idiot.

The new Galaxy Nexus smartphone however is forcing me to concede that perhaps Google’s Might is Right after all. Not only is it pretty (oh so, so pretty), it’s also a tech-head’s wet dream. With the Galaxy Nexus not only can you rapidly dictate texts and emails to your phone, it also employs face-recognition software. Your phone just has to look at you and it opens up. How awesome is that? Makes you think, ‘Siri who?’

The camera is another massive selling point. There’s no delay between photos, meaning you don’t have to pause and make sure your photo has saved before you take another shot. You can click as many shots as you like without pausing, enabling you to truly capture your experiences as they happen. However, while most new smartphones have an 8mp camera, the Galaxy Nexus features only a 5mp version. Conclude what you will on that score.

The Nexus can also beam files back and forth to other Galaxy Nexuses (Nexii?) by simply placing the two devices side-by-side so that they are touching — a neat trick made possible through the use of NFC (near-field communication) technology, something the iPhone 4S lacks.

The uniquely-named operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich, is perhaps a further ploy to soften the image of both brand and smartphone. Ice Cream Sandwich is the first version of Android to be available on both tablet and mobile phone deals, and Google has created a new font for the purpose. Google claims it will provide the best mobile Gmail experience to date, including some offline search options.

So what’s the downside, you may ask? Well, the new Nexus smartphone is sleek, cool and eschews the cold and clinical breed of smartphone for a lighter, breezier and generally more fun model. It’s technologically replete, matching and occasionally besting rivals on the gadget front. It does, however, cost a tidy, tidy sum: the phone is currently listed as being available for pre-order for a hefty £549. Wow, even typing that felt decadent.

So to sum it all up – the phone is great; it’s marvelous, provided you’re the kind of person who can drop that kind of change on a phone. Failing that, you could try and blag the handset for free by signing up to a lengthy Galaxy Nexus contract – about ten years’ commitment should do the trick.

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