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Written By Sam on 31 October 2011

One of the toughest jobs on this Internet is to search and download the right file, be it an MP3 song or a movie or a video file or a PDF file or an image or an application. Though there are thousands of websites that help you to download free movies or download free games or applications, not many of them return the accurate results and you will have to spend hours to find the right file. But now with the help of General World you can quickly find the right file that you are looking for and download it easily. General World is a media empire that offers powerful yet simple file search engines where you can find innumerable files that you require in your day-to-day life. General World provides its services through – General-Files, General-Catalog and General Downloader. General-Catalog is a dedicated powerful file search engine and is an important part of General World, where in General-Files is a perfect one-stop solution for all those who look for essential and interesting files and General Downloader is a free application for downloading the files required.

General-Catalog, as the name suggests is a comprehensive free downloads catalog that provides users an illustrated search. Using this General-catalog search you can either add new download links with category description or search for the files, movies, albums based on the category you desire to watch or have. All the files available in this site are clearly categorized thus enabling users to search quickly and effectively. The catalog search engine includes categories like 3D models, E-books, Graphics, TV shows, Music, Mobile, Magazines, Games and many more. You can upload and share the files with your friends and also gain G-Points for every upload of yours. For example I searched for “iOS App Development” and checked the Mobile and E-Books categories and I was greeted with more than 352 results including eBooks and video tutorials. The good thing is that the results were pretty accurate which will definitely save a lot of time. So if you are looking for a free file directory then you must visit General-Catalog.com

General-Files is the other service from General World which is a unique file search engine that has influence of earlier search engines like general-search.net, general-search.com, accuratefiles.com. General-Files has a huge database of movies, music, games, software etc. and you can find any file you want in it. General-Files not only acts as a search engine but also supports file sharing services and direct links from Rapidshare, Megaupload and Uploading. You can either sign up and log in General-Files or you can even use your Facebook, Live ID, Google, Yahoo or Twitter login id’s to log in. From movies to Games, you name it and General-files has it. You can even upload and share files with your friends at an ease. With General-Files you can easily download free movies and music, download free games and software from many of the file sharing sites. So if you are sure about a file and are looking to download it without spending much time and effort then the best option would be to try out General-Files.

So once you find the right file the next thing is to download it from the file sharing website. And many a times these file sharing website ask the users to wait for few seconds or even minutes before the actual download begins. This wait times causes a huge pain and this is where General Downloader comes into picture. General Downloader or in short GD is a free application from General World that allows users to download files from file sharing websites. GD is an integral part of General world system that is specially designed for General world users which helps them utilize all the features of General World. General Downloader enhances the performance of General World, bypasses the limitations of file-sharing websites and reports the ratings of the files thus helping users to decide whether to download a file or not. The latest version of GD comes with General community integration and display of G-reputation. General Downloader allows you to download files from many of the popular file sharing websites including Rapidshare, Megaupload, Uploading, FileServe, DepositFiles, FileSonic, 4Shared and more. So if you are looking for a free rapidshare downloader or free megaupload download manager then you must try out General-Downloader.

With huge data base, speed download capabilities, General-Files, General-Catalog and General Downloader are worth checking out! General World has already made its mark in the market and has great number of users worldwide. In case, you have not experience it yet, sign up immediately, we are sure you will be awed by its extensive features!

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