SwiFTP – FTP Server App For Android Mobiles and Devices [Download]

Written By Sam on 25 July 2010

Android Smartphones get a new FTP server application called SwiFTP that enables its users to share files with computers or other network connected devices at an ease. SwiFTP is an open source FTP server application that allows Android users to stay connected with their friends or clients via WiFi or even cellular 3G network available.

Installing SwiFTP is quite simple, all you need to do is to search for the application in the market, download it and install it directly onto your smartphone. You might need to supply a user name and password before using the installed application. In order to access this application as FTP client, you have to launch the IE and type the respective FTP server IP address in the address field and then press ‘enter’ for entering the user name and password for access ( which is case sensitive). Apart from the basic settings, SwiFTP incorporates permissions for connection acceptance from WiFi, net proxies, awake mode and many more that can be configured by the users based upon their usage. Starting from version 1.2x onwards and a new experimental proxy, SwiFTP application can be used with all the Android based handsets. If you are keen to test this application on your smartphone, download it and give it a try!

Download SwiFTP 1.24 [Direct Download Link]

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