Nov 13 To Be Release Date of Next Iteration of Call of Duty Title?

Written By Sam on 30 April 2012

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is already popular with gamers. Activision is now all set to build on its popularity and release the next in the Call of Duty title during the latter half of 2012. Cyberspace is full of leaks and one of the leak whispers with substance in it that the next version is definitely around the corner. For instance, two pre-order cards have surfaced at Target, at least confirming that the latest iteration will be entitled Call of duty: Black Ops 2. The same source reveals the release likely to be on 13 November 2012 if we go by the pre-order cards. This follows on the heels of a trailer released by Activision stating that a new release of Call of duty is on its way. The release was slated to take place during the NBA Playoffs on 1st May and that more information would be forthcoming the next day. One can even say with a certain degree of certainty that the title will be Call of duty: Black Ops 2.

Call of Duty series has proved to be a gold mine for Activision and a source of never ending gameplay for gamers. Activision was naturally expected to release an enhanced version to meet gamers’ demands and cash in on its huge popularity. Black Ops 2 is expected to maintain the time tested formula of the Call of Duty Series.

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  1. Aaryn says:

    This is just rumor for now but every Call of Duty gets released in November so this is most likely legit.

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