JailBreak PS3 (Play Station 3) For Free With PS3 Jailbreak Tool PSGroove [Download]

Written By Sam on 2 September 2010

Most of the gamers will be delighted to know that their Play Station 3 can be now jailbroken at an ease, thanks to the group of hackers who released the free open source. Hackers have managed to clone and release open source version of PSJailbreak called PSGroove, using which you can easily Jailbreak Play Station 3 and create your own jailbreaks as well.

Now, you do not need to pay $169 for PSJailbreak, as PSGroove enables you to perform all the tasks that PSJailbreak can do. Acting as an alternative for the expensive PSJailbreak, this open source enables you to replicate jailbreak that can be performed using the original version. Designed especially for enabling gamers to play unsigned third party applications, PSGroove is certainly an awesome source and is very simple to utilize. PSGroove is absolutely free and in order to run it you have to copy it over to a USB development board (AVR HW), which costs around $20, and thats the minimal amount you invest for jailbreaking your PS3! However, Sony might ban those who Jailbreak PS3 from PSN, so be a little cautious whilst Jailbreaking!

Download PSGroove PS3 Jailbreak Tool

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