Download Free Norton Smartphone Security for Android Devices From Android Market

Written By Sam on 14 June 2010

All the Android handset users can now be relieved from the viruses and malwares that affect their handsets, as the top-notch antivirus software Norton Smartphone Security is now available for Android. Norton Smartphone Security v6.0 not only protects your Android handsets but also the information within it.

Easy-to-use Norton Smartphone Security includes impressive features such as Remote Lock and Wipe, Call Blocker, etc to ensure ultimate security of the handsets. Norton Smartphone Security super pack includes Anti-malware thus provides all the essentials required to protect your handsets. Norton Smartphone Security helps in preventing cybercriminals accessing information from your handsets as this software not only enables you to remotely disable the lost mobile devices but also to delete all the personal and private information stored in the handset.You can also block unwanted calls using this software.

Features of Norton Smartphone Security version 6.0

  • Easy to download and easy to use
  • Works on Android 2.x or later Operating systems
  • Requires 1.8 MB of storage
  • Checks for regular updates to ensure most up-to-date protection
  • Neither affects the device performance nor slows down the web browsing.
  • Provides protection against loss or theft of your mobile device, loss or theft of your private and personal information, cybercrimes, and unwanted calls
  • Eliminates mobile threats by scanning, detecting and removing threats and forbidden files without affecting your mobile device’s performance
  • Remotely locks your mobile if SIM card is removed
  • Allows blocking of unwanted calls and text messages

Norton Smartphone Security v6.0 for Android is absolutely free and can be downloaded from the Android Market or by following the below link.

Download Norton Smartphone Security for Android

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