Backup Google Docs Documents To Local Computer With GDocBackup

Written By Sam on 27 October 2009

If you use Google Docs very frequently then GDocBackup will be very useful for you to take a backup of all your documents present in Google Docs. GDocBackup will backup all your documents from Google Documents to your local disk. If the documents is not present on the local disk, GDocBackup will download the document and if any document is older, it is updated to the current revision. It is open source and freeware which is licensed under the Apache license Version 2.0.


GDocBackup is very easy to use and has got a very simple interface. All you have to do is download and run the application and configure your Google account with the application by providing your username and password. You can set the backup directory in GDocBackup where you wish to store your documents.

Once you are done with the configuration, go to ‘Export Format’ tab to determine the format of your backup documents. Various formats can be chosen like Documents (doc, odt, txt, pdf and rtf), Spreadsheets (xls, csv, ods and tsv) and Presentations (ppt). Now to set the proxy settings click on the ‘Proxy’ tab or use ‘direct connection’ if you do not use a proxy server. After everything is correctly configured, you can go to GDocBackup main screen where you can click ‘Exec’ button to start the backup.

GDocBackup runs on .NET 2.0 / Mono (Win, Linux and Mac).

Download GDocBackup

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  1. Rob says:

    Hi Samrat,
    You could also use a tool like that does regular automated backups of Google Docs, plus some other sites.

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