Safari’s Anti-Phishing Issues With Latest iPhone OS 3.1 Update

Written By Sam on 13 September 2009

Many of you must have already updated your Apple iPhone and iPod Touch to the latest iPhone OS 3.1 which was announced during the “Rock and Roll” event. One of the features that was worth mentioning in the iPhone OS 3.1 is the anti-phishing feature in Safari browser. The Anti-Phishing feature protects users from malicious websites. But many iPhone users have complained that this anti-phishing feature in Safari is not working properly.


Apple responded to the anti-phishing problem in iPhone OS 3.1 by saying that the Safari’s anti-phishing database is downloaded while the user charges their iPhone or iPod Touch. This is done so as to protect the battery life and ensure there aren’t any additional data fee. Apple says that after updating to iPhone OS 3.1 the user should launch Safari, connect to a Wi-Fi network and charge their iPhone with the screen off. This process should happen automatically for most users when they charge their phone. So before everything works perfectly, the complete download of the anti-phishing database should happen.

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