Unlock iPhone 3GS and 3G on 3.1.3 Firmware Without Wi-Fi or Internet Connection

Written By Sam on 7 March 2010

If you have an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 3G with the latest iPhone OS 3.1.3, then you can unlock your iPhone with ultrasn0w to use it with any carrier. But before unlocking your iPhone, you should jailbreak it which can be done using sn0wbreeze. You can use sn0wbreeze 3.1.3-V1.3-iPhones.exe to jailbreak your iPhone by following – “Tutorial to Jailbreak iPhone 3GS and 3G With 3.1.3 Firmware Using Sn0wbreeze“. Once you are done with jailbreaking iPhone on 3.1.3 Firmware, you can use ultrasn0w to unlock it. To install ultrasn0w you need to either have Wi-Fi or Internet connectivity on your iPhone. If you do not have an active Internet then you can try installing Ultrasn0w manually which is tedious. But you can use “UltraPusher” to unlock your iPhone without Wi-Fi or Internet Connection. You can follow the below steps to unlock iPhone 3GS/3G on baseband 04.26.08 using Ultra Pusher.

Unlock iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G Without Wi-Fi or Internet Connection

  • Download UltraPusher and extract it to a local folder.
  • Connect your iPhone to the computer.
  • Run Ultra Pusher and click the “Mobile Substrate” button to inject the MobileSubstrate. You need to reboot your iPhone now.
  • After that click “Unlock” button to inject Ultrasn0w. Now reboot your iPhone twice to complete the process.
  • Now your iPhone is unlocked to use with any carrier.

4 Responses to “Unlock iPhone 3GS and 3G on 3.1.3 Firmware Without Wi-Fi or Internet Connection”

  1. Rashed says:

    so this method will work only with baseband 4.26.08. right??

  2. jen says:

    hey!i use this software..may spring board is crashed!!!how did i return may springboard!!!

  3. savy says:

    Hey…i have 3gs with baseband -5.12. Its already jailbroken .
    how can i unlock the iphone ?

  4. faizan says:

    Does not work.. it gives error saying qtml client is missing from your computer..any sol?

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