Advantages and Disadvantages of Shared Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting; What Should I Choose?

Written By Sam on 29 March 2011

A good Web Hosting choice plays a prominent role in making your websites or blog globally available to all your users with out any performance issues. For those new to the Hosting services, it is a service through which users are allowed to host their websites on servers that are connected to Internet 24/7 without any hindrance and there will be companies which provide these services with minimal premium charges. Web Hosting Service providers not only give space on their owned or leased server but also provide them Internet connectivity and as in a data center can even facilitate data center space called collocation or housing to the to the users or clients.

If you are a webmaster or a blogger then some of the important things that runs in your mind are related to “Web Hosting”. You will definitely be going to ask yourselves some of the questions like – “What are the different types of hosting?”, “Which web hosting is best for me?”, “Which web hosting plan suits my requirements?”, “How much should I ideally spend for my web hosting?”, “Which hosting company provides a reliable service?”, “Which web host offers the best service?” and many more. So even if you have all the above questions in your mind then go ahead and read the below information.

Different Types of Web Hosting

Providing individuals and organizations feasibility to turn their websites global, Web Hosting Services are of different types and are provided by various companies. There are several types of web hosting services available and each type is specifically designed to suit purposes of websites and requirements of the users. Types of Web hosting services include – Free Web Hosting, Shared Web Hosting, dedicated servers Hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting, Managed Web Hosting, Server Co-Location, Reseller Web Hosting, Collocated Hosting, E-Commerce Web Hosting and many more.

Shared Hosting – Advantages and Disadvantages

Free Web hosting offers free services to the users but, it usually provides extremely limited space when compared to paid hosting. Virtual Private Server or Virtual Dedicated server hosting is an interesting web hosting service that enables one physical server to house several Virtual Environments which behave exactly like an isolated stand-alone server. We also have another Virtual hosting service often referred as Shared web hosting service. A shared web hosting service aka derive host refers to a web hosting service in which many websites lodge on one web server connected to the Internet on its own partition, or section/place on the server, thus keeping away from other sites. Suitable for personal sites, small businesses and even medium sized business, Shared web hosting is most economical as it shares the same server with multiple web sites and maintains its owns space as well. In Shared web hosting services, users can pay only for the needed plans and upgrade their plans as and when required. These services are Hazel free and client aren’t responsible for server maintenance, which makes it even worthier. However, user have typical limits on disk space, bandwidth and other resources. Users might even face regular server problems as the hosting being shared with multiple sites simultaneously and sometimes backups might not be possible. Upgradation of system software by the administrator may cause disturbances in the user scripts or code if they are not compatible, so users have to be keen whilst opting this service.

Dedicated Hosting – Advantages and Disadvantages

Apart from Shared web hosting, we also have Dedicated web hosting services available by various providers like Hostgator, Inmotion, DedicatedNow, SingleHop, UltraHosting, Acenet and Codero. As the name indicates, Dedicated web hosting also known as managed hosting service, is a service in which clients or users leases an entire server which is not shared with anyone. Dedicated Web hosting is very flexible service and provides numerous benefits to the users specially those who run businesses or manage organizations which receive many visitors and who require extra security. Though VPS hosting and Shared hosting are more affordable, Dedicated web hosting is more reliable and stable and guarantees complete utilization of all the server resources for the users. VPS web hosting service is much like a dedicated hosting service where resources are partitioned and users get portion of these resources so it looks as if they have your own dedicated server. Dedicated hosting provides priority support for the client’s server, external monitoring capabilities and also allows them root access or administrator access to their respective server. However, Dedicated hosting is costly and complex to handle.

Web Hosting Features to be Looked

Various companies offer these services for either minimal premiums or even free for trail purposes in order to attract customers. Most of these companies provide services with a similar features like control panel, disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, support for scripting languages and customer support either via mails, phone or web chats. Selecting the best suitable service and an efficient service provider has only been challenging and has major impact in deciding the prospects of the website. Few factors through which can decide the best hosting service are Degree of Reliability, Speed, Security(SSL – secure server), Bandwidth, FTP, Telnet accessibility, Tools available, Cost, Control Panel, Advertising Offers, Limitations and Tech Support from the providers.

Free hosting services are preferred only when limited features, bandwidth are required and no domain name is needed. Whilst Paid hosting services like Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting should be opted for vast benefits and features. Shared hosting is preferred when you require an efficient service at low cost with impressive discounts. Shared web hosting provides domain name and domain email and their superior customer support as well. You can opt for dedicated hosting if you require a secured and independent hosting server that is capable of managing high traffic. Though dedicated web hosting is complicated and costly it provides best features to the clients who desired dedicated services. You can also choose from other web hosting services Collocation, VPS, Reseller hosting based upon your requirements. All these services range from a price of $3 to $300 or more per month, so choose the best the one which suits your requirements and enjoy phenomenal outcomes!

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