Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Features, Benefits, Coupons and Top 10 Best VPS Hosting Providers

Written By Sam on 1 September 2010

Virtual Private Server also known as VPS is one step ahead of shared web hosting and one step below Dedicated Hosting. It’s major task is to divide a single computer to create multiple servers. This helps to reduce the per user cost when compared with Dedicated Servers. The distinct part of VPS is that each server appears and acts as an individual server, which has its own operating system and can reboot independently from others. This kind of practice was common in mainframe computer for certain period but post the development of virtualization technology, VPS hosting has been introduced to mainstream market due to its salient features like cost effectiveness and high level performance.

Small size and medium sized business now prefer to have VPS hosting solution. It surpasses the restriction of shared hosting and the flexibility of dedicated server hosting. VPS is developed by using a virtualization software which divides the single physical server into many servers and each server is not dependent on its neighbors and functions on its own. VPS is gained acceptance through its performance and its function as a dedicated server at an affordable price.

Salient Features of VPS (Virtual Private Server)

  • Unbelievable Value – VPS provides incredible value, yes this hosting solution gives as great value when compared to the dedicated server which will cost $100 monthly. It surpasses the limitations of the shared and dedicated server and is available at a reasonable price.
  • Improved ProtectionVPS hosting solution gives us enhanced protection; it can provide you a better security than the shared hosting platform. Since it operates on a separate environment, you are protected by the stability and security issues raised by other users. Its known that the dedicated server offers good performance and security, VPS hosting is no way behind the dedicated server.
  • Flexibility and Stability – Control and flexibility offered by VPS hosting is extremely good. It is equipped in such a way that you can install your own applications and you have the choice of using various add-on scripts. This is taken care by root access which enables you to have interaction with the server. It allows you to develop applications in any kind of programming technologies uploaded in the server like PHP, ASP or Cold Fusion. The traffic and other functions of the VPS customers may affect operations in shared hosting but in VPS hosting the other activities do not have much effect on your operations. Thus in this way it is stable.
  • High Performance – Another benefit of VPS hosting is its guaranteed system resources. In Sharing hosting environment you have to compete to get the required resources, in VPS hosting you have the comfort of receiving the measured allotments that will suit your exact need. This way, it grants you a robust and measurable solution which enables your business to grow more.

VPS Features and Services

Based on your provider, the features and service offered may vary in VPS hosting. It is also depends on your personal needs. Some of the features include:

  • Root Access – Root access is the one which offers control over your VPS account starting from configurations to software installations.
  • Management and Support – In VPS hosting, you need to manage your own server like a dedicated hosting server. But you have many companies which grants this support and management services to help with administrative activities. If you are deficient of technical savvy this feature will not hold much importance.
  • Monitoring the Server – The network and hardware where you account depends are monitored by a efficient VPS provider. This in turn offers physical security to your server and also makes sure that it safeguards from virtual threat like hackers and DDoS attacks.
  • Multiple Domain Hosting – Multiple domain hosting is also granted by shared host but they do not allocate the required resources, but many VPS providers offer an efficient performance in multiple website hosting.
  • Managed Data Backups – Opt for VPS plan which allows restoration of data, since anything might happen in provider’s network. Hence choose a service which supports you to recover your data manually so that you can restore the data whenever you wanted.

VPS hosting provides many features and benefits of a costly server in a nominal price. The prices are reduced due to the popularity gained by this technology. Based on your hosting requirements you can choose the efficient VPS solution. Some of the VPS service providers and their key features are readily provided for you.

How to Get Cheap VPS

The best way would be to search on Google for “VPS Coupons“, “VPS Coupon Codes“, “VPS Hosting Coupons“, “VPS Hosting Codes“, “VPS Coupon Codes“, “VPS Hosting Discounts“, “VPS Hosting Cheap” etc. Alternatively you can speak with the customer services to see if they can give you some good discounts.

10 Best VPS Providers

  1. LiquidWeb (Reliable VPS Hosting) Space: 40 GB, Bandwidth: 700 GB, Price: $100.00
    • Free & Easy Setup
    • 4 Dedicated IP’s
    • Full cPanel/Fantastico
    • 768MB RAM
  2. Inmotion (Ultra fast servers) Space: 80 GB, Bandwidth: 1000 GB, Price: $89.95
    • Free & Easy Setup
    • 5 Dedicated IP’s
    • Full cPanel/Fantastico
    • 512MB RAM
  3. Hostgator (Managed VPS Hosting) Space: 80GB, Bandwidth: 1425GB, Price: $94.95
    • CentOS Linux with Full Root Access
    • Virtuozzo Power Panel
    • Optional cPanel and WHM Control Panel
    • 1824MB RAM
  4. UltraHosting (Cheap VPS Solutions) Space: 50 GB, Bandwidth: 1500 GB, Price: $69.00
    • Free & Easy Setup
    • 1 Dedicated IP
    • 2048MB RAM
  5. HostICan (Affordable VPS Hosting ) Space: 100 GB, Bandwidth: Unlimited, Price: $84.95
    • cPanel/WHM/Plesk
    • 2 Dedicated IP’s
    • 2048MB RAM
  6. KnownHost (Rock Solid Hosting) Space: 70 GB, Bandwidth: 1500GB, Price: $95.00
    • Powered by Virtuozzo Power Panel
    • Unlimited domains on each VPS or Hybrid Server
    • Full root access
    • cPanel, Plesk or DirectAdmin Control Panel
    • 2 Dedicated IP’s
  7. Lunarpages (Linux and Windows VPS) Space: 20 GB, Bandwidth: 1000 GB Price: $62.95
    • Free & Easy Setup
    • 1 Dedicated IP
    • Virtuozzo Power Panel
    • 1024MB RAM
  8. Network Solutions (Secure VPS hosting) Space: 50 GB, Bandwidth: 2000 GB Price: $80.00
    • Free & Easy Setup
    • 1 Dedicated IP
    • Virtuozzo/ Plesk 9
  9. GoDaddy (Virtual Dedicated Server) Space: 60 GB, Bandwidth: 2000 GB Price: $79.99
    • Choose a preconfigured plan or build your own
    • Free setup & SSL certificate
    • Free Google AdWords & Microsoft adCenter Credits
    • FTP backup available
    • 24×7 email, telephone and web-based tech support
  10. iX WebHosting (Virtual Private Server) Space: 100 GB, Bandwidth: 2000 GB Price: $89.95
    • 2048MB RAM
    • Unlimited Hosted Domains / SubDomains
    • Dedicated IPs 2
    • Complete Root / Admin Access

If you are using any other VPS Hosting provider and are happy with their service and would also recommend to our readers then do let us know about it through the comment section.

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