Good Design, Great Content, Proper SEO and Reliable Web Hosting – Building Blocks For a Good Blog

Written By Sam on 3 October 2009

When you are planning to start a website of your own there are many things that needs to be addressed. The most important things that you need to take care are Design, Content, SEO and Web Hosting. Good Design, Great Content, Proper Search Engine Optimization and a Reliable Website Hosting will definitely help you to rock your website on the Internet Community.


Design is one of the first thing that you need to take care as it will help your visitors to uniquely identify your site. If your website/blog has got a unique design, people will remember your site which will definitely improve your brand power. Though you should give importance to the Design, it should not include too many images of flash animations which will make your website difficult to load on slow systems. So you should have a compromise between the site design and the site load time.

Unless you have got a very good content people will never return back to your website. Unique content and a different style of writing will definitely attract more visitors to your website. Quality of the content is more important than quantity. The way you present something on your website or blog should bring a unique mark to your brand.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the major things that you need to look at if you are relying on search engines for your traffic. SEO will help you to get better traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and many others. The design and content will help you a lot to optimize your website/blog for the search engines. Apart from that you need to take care of h1 tags, meta data and other points related to SEO.

Web Hosting is one of the major points that you should take care. As there are many hosting providers it will be difficult to choose one of them. Before going for a web hosting plan it would be very much better to read some of the web hosting guides which will help you to decide the best hosting provider. Some of the things that you need to look before choosing a hosting provider are Reliability, Price, Disk Space, Bandwidth, Control Panel, Email, Pre-Installed Scripts, Support, UpTime, Support for Multiple Domains and other features. Before choosing a hosting provider do mail them asking all your doubts. Also ask other bloggers who are using their services for their feedback. Do read reviews on web hosting providers on different blogs and forums to get a clear understanding. Based on your requirements you can either go for a Shared Web Hosting or Reseller Web Hosting or a Dedicated Server Hosting.

If you take care of all the above the things your website will definitely rock by attracting more visitors.

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