NEC launches 7″ Android Tablet – “Life Touch” – New Cloud Communicator Tablet Terminal

Written By Sam on 14 November 2010

NEC Corporation has launched a Android Tablet called Life Touch, a new cloud communicator for Businesses. Life Touch is a 7- inch LCD tablet which is positioned between a PC and mobile phone that supports corporate client services through cloud computing and lets you generate new revenues through its customer services.

Capable of improving the efficiency of business operations, this tablet incorporates optimized user interface. This tablet is easy to operate, has high presentation ability along with Service and function expandability. Life Touch also enables users to customize and develop device as well as software elements with respect to the content and business needs of the corporate customers. Providing a development environment for software vendors, Life Touch tablet lets them enhance the application software as well.

Life Touch is Pen operable and has access to wireless LAN software along with support for Wi-Fi, SD cards, E-books, and all sorts of business-related applications. Weighing approximately 370 grams, Life Touch tablet is expected to debut in Tokyo, price and availability of this tablet are not yet specified.

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