CTL Launches 2goPad SL10, a 10-inch Tablet, with Intel Atom N450 1.66GHz Processor and Windows 7 OS

Written By Sam on 16 October 2010

CTL has introduced the newest product in its mobile computer line, the 2goPad SL10, a 10-inch tablet. The tablet features a multi-touch capacitive screen, an Intel Atom N450 1.66GHz processor, a 2GB of memory and Microsoft Windows 7 OS – seeking to score on productivity elements by allowing users to multi-task. The tablet also includes B/G/N wireless, 2 USB ports, SD Card Reader and 250 GB hard drive.

Not many had heard of CTL till last September when the company announced its decision to ship a tablet to take on Apple’s iPad. And CTL CEO Erik Stromquist does not let us forget that as he talks of the tablet packing “better features and more horsepower than our competitors while running all the business applications that makes it essential for the professional user.” But the $499 price tag on CTL’s website Ctlcorp.com/shop and the MSRP of $599 may not allow it to take the iPad head on because the iPad’s starting price is also $499 and as far as brand presence goes, iPad is far ahead. Plus, there’s buzz that Apple will release its second-generation iPad by the end of this year. If that happens, it will be the only second-generation tablet in the market. So, CTL may not be able to give Apple the jitters, but it is surely warming up the tablet market that’s bracing to see some more tablet launches soon.

2goPad SL10 Features

  • Maromedia Flash video and HTML5 compatibility
  • Ability to run eReader software, including Amazon’s Kindle application
  • Access to Microsoft Windows programs
  • Bundled VGA adapter for an external monitor and case

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