Google Onebox – Google Music Search Simplifies All Your Music Queries

Written By Sam on 29 October 2009

Daily Google gets millions of queries looking for music or stories related to music. Say if you are searching or want to know more about your darling artists and you don’t know the name correctly, then you have to search and find that particular new album or iconic song or you have to figure out you favorite name of that tune slipped in your head. Yeah it is really time consuming work and I am sure you will get diverted in the middle of search and you land in different place. Yes! This will happen for most of us. But now we have a solution for this, its “time to result” which will reduce the ways of looking or searching. You can try it out from – using a US proxy.

Google is rolling out a new innovative search feature which does the music search more easily and you can discover millions of songs or music which you looking for, via a simple Google web search. If you’re looking for music, “time to result” is actually “time to music.” Now, whenever you type a music-related query such as the name of an artist, song or album, your search results will consist of links to an audio preview of those songs provided by Google music search mates like MySpace or Lala or Rhapsody. Then you can click the result to listen that audio preview of the song directly. This will definitely reduce the time you take to find your favorite music.


Most of the times, we will forget the name of the album, song or the artist who sings it. Perhaps you can recall only the chorus line or by chance you remember the name of the artists or sometimes you remember exact name of the song. Whatever maybe this search result feature helps you find many of those songs by typing a line or two of the song lyrics. Eventually, the search engine giant has solved your music queries problem and also it helps you to discover music you’ll like. Google has partnered with Pandora, imeem and Rhapsody to include links to their sites which helps you to discover all kinds of music related queries.

This feature helps individuals to discover new sources of accredited music online and also helps artists to find new generations fans and mainly to reconnect the longtime listeners of the site. All the music lovers will appreciate this new feature and millions of music seekers in the U.S. use this service to enjoy the music from MySpace and Lala to imeem, Pandora, and Rhapsody.

Obviously, this is simply the first step of Google towards musical search and there are more on the way. Google is also planning to links to the songs all around the world and it will serve the best for its visitors. Google is rolling out its feature gradually to all the users across the U.S. Well, let the “time to music” comes here!

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