Chat with Facebook Friends From Pidgin on Windows, Mac and Linux

Written By Sam on 19 February 2010

If you are a Facebook user then you can chat with your friends directly from any chat client like Pidgin. Pidgin is an easy to use and free chat client which helps you to connect with friends on AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and more chat networks all at once. So you can stay connected with your Facebook and other friends all from a single place.

Below are the simple steps to get Facebook Chat on Pidgin.

  1. Go to “Accounts” in Pidgin and select “Manage Accounts.”
  2. On the Basic tab, enter the following info:
    • Protocol: XMPP
    • Username: your Facebook username (eg. samrat.reddy)
    • Domain:
    • Resource: Pidgin
    • Password: your Facebook password (eg. ThisisFunny!)
    • Local alias: your local alias (eg. Samrat P Reddy)
  3. Click the Advanced tab, then enter the following info:
    • Connect port: 5222
    • Connect server:
    • (Uncheck the box labeled “Require SSL/TLS”)

Once you have setup everything successfully, you can chat with your Facebook friends directly from Pidgin.

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  1. sundar says:

    i was using pidgin for years its has the cool and pleasant interface

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