Facebook 1.5 for Android Brings Chat, Push Notifications

Written By Sam on 27 December 2010

Apple iPhone users had every reason to be proud of their devices. After all they did have access to the widest apps and most updated ones at that, didn’t they? For instance, Facebook was one such where the iPhone version had more facilities, making the other device users envious.

Now Facebook 1.5 for Android is out and this is the first version that can be regarded as having all those features which the iPhone version boasted of. The new features in this version are:

  • Added Chat enabling you to chat with Facebook friends from the android device itself; This also works in the background mode so you can receive messages while using other apps.
  • Bug fixes and Push notifications.

These two are in addition to the Facebook Groups and Places features added to the Android version only last month.

This will surely be welcome news for Android users. Facebook is perhaps the most popular of social networking sites and it is not unusual for most people we know to be on Facebook as well. The new Chat feature is just what they need to keep in touch and communicate with friends.

A couple of glitches though: This version needs Android 2.2 or higher. Push is limited only to chat, not to other events.

This app is available for download on Android Market.

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