Recover Facebook Login Info with Windows-based Facebook Password Decryptor

Written By Sam on 25 November 2010

It is common for people to create multiple accounts across websites and instant messengers. Passwords are used to log in. There are e-mail passwords to remember and passwords of social networking sites like Facebook, bank passwords and so on. It is normal for people to forget the user name and Login password unless they maintain a proper record, which unfortunately most people do not. A number of users use web browsers or instant messengers to store their Login information so that they do not have to remember it or enter it again and again. Such programs usually do not display the password in clear text and there is no option to retrieve it for use in other apps. Problems arise if Windows need to be reinstalled or if the browser or IM becomes inaccessible.

If you are a Facebook regular, you may have heard of the Facebook Password Decryptor by now. Using the program, situations like the above can be averted. It is a Windows-based program that can be downloaded for free and supports all versions of Microsoft Windows. It works with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Miranda Messenger and Paltalk Messenger, retrieving Facebook username and password stored by these programs.

Facebook Password Decryptor can be downloaded free from the developer’s site and installation isn’t tricky. Hit the Start Recovery button to if you need to retrieve your Facebook username and password. Remember the installation of the program also prompts a automatic RealPlayer installation. If not required, cancel the RealPlayer installation — it is not needed for the actual program to work perfectly and is simply a pile on. No special technical skills are needed. Simply click on Start Recovery and the program scans all supported programs and displays a list of the Facebook username and password in a table along with the program name, which stored the data (i.e. Internet Explorer). Passwords are shown as asterisks and by clicking on Show Password the asterisks change to readable text. This list can be exported as HTML or text. It is as simple as that. Now, you do not need to worry about usernames and passwords for your Facebook accounts any more. Convenient, isn’t it?

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