Facebook May Use its Fb.com Domain To Create Dedicated E-mail Account

Written By Sam on 13 November 2010

With recent revelations about Facebook acquiring the domain name fb.com, there is a lot of speculation about whether this is in the direction of overhauling the messaging service that Facebook currently provides its users by creating a dedicated e-mail account instead or whether it is to be used by the employees working at Facebook for official correspondence.

The American Farm Bureau sold the Fb.com domain name to a domain management and brand protection company called MarkMonitor, however, the details of domain administrator have been updated stating Facebook to the administrator of Fb.com.

Many claims have been made about the purpose of the new domain acquired by Facebook. All Facebook states that they are using it for internal purposes to give over 1400 of their employees a dedicated e-mail domain. Something similar is being done at Yahoo as well. Yahoo has provided its employees with an e-mail domain ‘@yahoo-inc.com’ while its customers use the domain ‘@yahoo.com’. This is done to basically avoid confusion between its employees and the millions of other users who use its e-mail services.

Adding another dimension is the report from All About Microsoft, they state that that Facebook’s new mailing system might integrate with Office Web Apps.
Facebook has called for a special event that might throw some light on what it plans to do with the newly acquired domain. But until that happens, there will be debate on Facebook’s plans for the same.

A number of views have been expressed. Besides the question of whether it’s an internal purpose domain name or one for its users, there is also the question of whether users will actually use the email domain provided to them, since there are already so many email domain in the market of which Gmail and Yahoo will offer stiff competition. Another e-mail account to handle might feel more like a burden than an option for most users.

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