Top 10 Best Paid iPhone Games – Angry Birds, Doodle Jump, Need for Speed Shift, Fruit Ninja and More!

Written By Sam on 3 October 2010

If you are an iPhone or iPod touch user then you must be knowing that there are thousands of wonderful games in the App Store. Most of the best selling games are priced at $0.99. Below are some of our favorite games that are worth trying. So if you have got a new iPhone 4 or the iPod Touch 4G then don’t forget to check out the below games.

Angry Birds For iPhone and iPod touch

Angry birds is my favorite game with many features like hours of game play, the castle demolition which is physics based and has lots of replay value. The Angry bird survival is at risk and the green pigs are the one who had stolen the birds egg and users have to revenge the green pigs. This game has levels up to 150 and the user need logic, skill and extreme force to defeat the enemy. The Angry birds are equipped with distinct destructive power using which lay waste to pig’s fortified castle. The features include leaderboards, achievements, Facebook and Twitter integration and supports iOS 4 multitasking. Angry Birds costs you just $0.99.

Doodle Jump For iPhone and iPod touch

Here in this game with help of available subtle and accurate tilt controls you should guide the Doodle and Doodler on a spring journey, up a sheet of graph paper and should avoid black holes and blasting baddies with nose balls along the way. The features in this game include broken, moving, disappearing, moveable, and EXPLODING platforms; JET PACKs, PROPELLER HATS, and springs that fly you higher; UFOs, black holes, monsters!; jump on monsters to bring them down MARIO-style; global and local leaderboard; in-game score markers; Submit score to Facebook & Twitter; challenge friends; SECRET easter eggs created in collaboration with POCKET GOD and THE CREEPS! Doodle Jump costs you just $0.99.

Need for Speed Shift For iPhone and iPod touch

If you love the racing games then you must have to try Need for Speed Shift. This is one of my favorite games. Need for Speed Shift features Drive 20 awesome cars, including the BMW M3 GT2, Lamborghini Gallardo & Pagani Zonda; Access both live Bluetooth and local WiFi Multiplayer across 6 modes; Race on 18 unique tracks in stunning international locations (Chicago, London & Tokyo); Jump into Quick Race or dominate the circuit in Career Mode; Select 3 Difficulty Settings (Rookie, Pro or Veteran); Immerse yourself in physics-based accelerated 3D graphics with OpenGL ES 2.0 integrations. Need for Speed Shift is priced at $0.99

Fruit Ninja For iPhone and iPod touch

This one is juicy action game where you slaughter all the fruits. This game is very simple to play but offers loads of fun while playing the game. So using you fingers across the phone you act like a real Ninja warrior to splatter the fruits. Beware of the bombs which will end your game, if you somehow overcome these explosives, the wise Sensei will be very happy and will come along with you. He will tell you wise words and fun fruit facts while accompanying you. Fruit Ninja cost you $0.99, fun filled game at a very low price.

The Oregon Trail For iPhone and iPod touch

The Oregon Trial is a very adventurous game which is very exciting and also has historical references. The Oregon Trail game uses the side scrolling format. This game not only excites the users, it also offers real life location and brings the famous personalities of the past with historical facts. So users who play the game will be familiar with historical events and also know the hardship of the famous characters. Further it includes 8 skill – based mini games, including 2 accelerometer – based challenge, Random events like disease, bandits and hitchhikers faced by our pioneer which will increase the challenge. This game costs $2.99.

Scrabble For iPhone and iPod touch

Word Game is always fun to everyone, Scrabble is one such word game which is really great. Four people can play per game and scrabble lets everyone to have fun in the game. The game is equipped with Scrabble Teacher Feature using which you can view the best word choice from the previous move. Other features includes in-game word list, built in official scrabble dictionary to find words and this game also has Exclusive best word feature to help the user. You can talk to your friends without any interruption in the game, the in game chat feature lets you to do this. Now lest see the controls, to place tiles drag and drop, shake to shuffle letters, to view the board clearly pinch to zoom. You can get Scrabble for $2.99.

PAC-MAN For iPhone and iPod touch

PAC-MAN is the world famous arcade classic comes for you in iPhone. In this game you should avoid ghost, chomp on dots and munch fruits and other items in order to achieve more points. PAC- MAN comes for you with three new control modes, you can navigate through the mazes using the onscreen Directional Pad in D-Pad Mode, use Swipe mode to chomp on dots and escape from pesky ghosts by rotating and tilting your iPhone in Accelerometer Mode. To move to the next level you have to chomp all the dots. Gobble Blinking Power pellets to weaken ghosts for a while and eat them soon before the resume. Beware of Blinky, who is the leader of the ghost and Pinky, Inky and Clyde who are his fellow ghosts, its better to avoid them else you have to lose your life. PAC- MAN is available for you at $4.99.

Archetype For iPhone and iPod touch

Archetype is one of the best fragging games in iPhone. The team battles across 5 MAPs with 6 weapons, the weapons include rapid fire automag, shotgun, Battle and Precision Rifles, missile launcher, and brutal melee axe. It also includes 2 grenade types. In this game you can track your enemies through your onscreen radar. You can add and also challenge this game with your friends. Archetype delivers high quality console – style FPS experience on iPhone. To have the best gameplay A 3G or WiFi connection is recommended. This game comes for you at $2.99.

Peggle For iPhone and iPod touch

This is also one of the addictive games where you need to shoot to clear all the orange pegs from 55 sparkling levels. You can become a Peggle Master and put your skills to the ultimate test with 40 Grand Master Challenges. Rack up bonus points and hit style shots that will make you smile for weeks. Peggle costs you $0.99

Bejeweled 2 For iPhone and iPod touch

Bejeweled is the world’s #1 puzzle game is one of the top paid apps of all time. Match multiple gems for dazzling, high-carat fun. And face-off with your friends on Facebook in the electrifying Bejeweled Blitz! This game comes for you at $2.99.

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    Good applications…. Need for Speed Shift and Archetype are very interesting to play…..

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  4. Need For Speed Shift is really looking sexier..

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    Apple iPhones are good when used with 3G services but they can only be found in urban cities. Most of the village sides and sub urban ones are still using the 2G services and iPhones are not good with that. Apple iPhone 4S and higher models are very poor in case of supporting the features and the applications of the broadband in most of the places and they are definitely not as good as Nokia N8 and above models of the Nokia. iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S does not really have that good product replacement service and also the warranty policies especially when compared to that of Nokia Lumia 800 smart phones. This really causes a lot of trouble to the people who buy them.

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    How can o download opera mini for ipho 3G free

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