Use AVG LinkScanner to Protect Yourselves From Data Snatchers and Malicious Links

Written By Sam on 26 October 2009

There are many Malwares and Viruses that are spreading rapidly from many websites. And now with the URL Shortners this problem is increasing day by day. It always difficult to manually check each and every link and click them. There may be cases where trusted websites might also be trying to steal important data like credit card details, private files & your identity. To protect yourselves from malicious links you can use AVG LinkScanner. AVG LinkScanner can protect you from the Data Snatchers and raise your internet security to the next level.


AVG LinkScanner works in real-time and protects you from data snatchers by analyzing every website behind every link you click or type into your internet browser and lets you know if the Webpage you are visiting is safe before you even get there.

Why Use AVG LinkScanner?

  • Scans the pages behind all the links you click or type into your browser.
  • Scans the results of web searches in Google, Yahoo! and MSN also.
  • Analyzes individual pages rather than entire sites because single pages may be threatened.
  • Compatible with current products from other major security brands.
  • Runs silently in the background and uses minimal system resources.
  • Protects you immediately without need of a system scan.
  • Automatically updates whenever a new threat is found.
  • Works with most popular Windows OS including Win2k, XP, Vista (32 & 64 bit) and Internet Explorer (6.0+) and Firefox (2.0+) browsers.

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