Use Web of Trust (WOT) to Protect From Spyware, Malware, Phishing and Online Scams

Written By Sam on 2 November 2009

WOT is a powerful add-on for your browser, acronym for “Web of Trust” provides a Free internet security by warning you about the risky websites that contain Online Threats, Spyware, Malware, Viruses and Online Scams. WOT uses windows reliability as one aspect for site rating and provides ratings for nearly 24 millions sites. WOT addon for Firefox protects you from unreliable online vendors, phishing attempts and identity fraud.


Web of Trust is very different from other addons as it is a community-based safe surfing tool that uses an intuitive traffic-light style rating system to help you stay safe. The WOT security add-on provides safety ratings to search results when using Google, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, and other popular sites. WOT also warns you about dangerous links in Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail, and Yahoo! Mail. WOT makes internet surfing safer and secure for everyone. It indicates the reliability of the websites and helps the users to make a safe internet surfing. This add- on also provides a feature of blocking sites which are not safe to browse through. WOT facilitates the users a trustful and secure surfing in the web.

WOT Internet security add-on works with Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers and is available for free.

Download WOT for Firefox
Download WOT for Internet Explorer

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  1. WhyDontWeRed says:

    The best-kept secret in the fight against viruses and spyware is a company called HonorPC! They actually guarantee against identity theft! I have owned my HonorPC for over a year. I bought it for half the price of a Mac, and it doesn’t need any anti-virus software and it won’t allow you to get into trouble from any spyware out there, new or old! It also uses Windows XP, which is a plus for those of us that like to view things without being shackled by a Mac’s overly anxious parenting. You should check it out before they are bought out by a big computer company and banished from the face of the earth!

    Their web site is and they have their phone number right on the home page. You can actually talk to an English-speaking native!

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