Download Yahoo! Messenger 10 ( Final With Windows 7 Compatibility

Written By Sam on 16 November 2009

Yahoo Messenger is one of the most widely used messenger application to chat with friends. Recently Yahoo has released the latest version of Yahoo Messenger 10 ( which is fully compatible with Windows 7. The latest version of Yahoo Messenger has got many features and improvements. Some of the key features include Enhanced video calling and Improved language support.

Download Yahoo! Messenger 10 ( Final With Windows 7 Comaptibility

Features and Enhancements in Yahoo Messenger 10

High-quality video calling – The enhanced 1:1 webcam feature allows you to make high-quality video calls. You can also go for a full screen video and sync it with voice calling. Features include the ability to swap video windows, position the video windows side-by-side, mute the call or place it on hold.

“Y! Updates” view of your contact list – You can get your friend’s latest updates from Yahoo!, Flickr, Twitter, and more with the new “Updates” view. If you want to disable these just go to Messenger > Preferences > Yahoo! Updates and from there you can easily turn alerts on and off and even update preferences by contact or by type of update.

Improved language support – You can easily change your preferred language in Yahoo! Messenger with just a few clicks. You can choose from 16 different languages and the buttons, menus and various parts of the interface will change to that language. You can change your language by going to Messenger > Preferences > Language.

Stealth & Privacy Settings – With this feature you can control who sees you online and can also easily block unwanted IMs too. You can access individual stealth settings by right clicking on a friend in your contact list or you can also appear invisible to an entire group. (Also Read: Encrypt Your Instant Messages With BitDefender Chat Encryption)

Instant Messaging – You can send text messages in real-time to your friends who are on Yahoo! Messenger.

Chat Rooms – This feature allows you to join a chat room to meet new friends.

Photo Sharing – You can share photos from your desktop or Flickr and then discuss them over IM while you and a friend view them together.

Webcam – Just plug in your webcam to share live video with your friends on Yahoo! Messenger.

IM Conferencing – Instant message with many friends at once in a conference room which includes voice capabilities also.

IM with Friends on Other Networks – IM with friends who use Windows Live Messenger, Reuters Messaging and Lotus Sametime right from Yahoo! Messenger.

File Transfer – You can easily send files instantly to a friend while you IM (2 GB limit).

Other features of Yahoo Messenger includes IM Forwarding to Mobile, Contact Search Bar, Yahoo! Address Book, Yahoo! Mail alerts, Tabbed IM Windows, Audibles, Emoticons, Avatars, Skins, IMVironments, Yahoo! Games and many more.

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Download Yahoo Messenger 10

15 Responses to “Download Yahoo! Messenger 10 ( Final With Windows 7 Compatibility”

  1. Rahul says:

    I just bought new dell computer with windows 7. Nice i will try this yahoo application.

  2. fazal says:

    i buy HP Pavilion DV6 1235CL Leptop this new yahoo messanger works wonderfull thanks for the new version 10(

  3. ravi says:

    i recently install win 7 i will try this yahoo application sure

  4. wolfpaw says:

    I just bought a brand new laptop custom made. I cant even use yahoo messenger. It worked righht after I installed it and now I cant log on again.

    • Samrat P says:

      It might not a issue with your OS. coz the latest Yahoo msngr officially supports Windows 7. Even im running it on a Windows 7 laptop. Try un-installing it completely( You can use CCleaner) and then install it from the official site. That will definitely help you.

  5. wolfpaw says:

    I have windows 7

  6. munna says:

    I have windows 7

  7. Nguyen Khac Hao says:

    tks somuch. There have Y!M vietnamese, but i live to use English more than!

  8. ley says:

    Hi. i have windows xp. but all my friends have windows 7. what version of yahoo messenger should i download in order to voice chat with them? any help appreciated…..thanks

  9. Alica says:

    Are there any know compatability issues between version 10 & version 8.1? I have 8.1 at work, and my husband just upgraded to 10.0. Since then, I can see his status, I can send him messages, and I can see when he’s typing – but none of his messages actually come through to me. He can see mine fine. Any ideas what the problem might be? I can’t upgrade bc I’m on a locked down computer at work. My IT guy didn’t see anything on our end that he thought might be the issue…

  10. suastika says:

    kenapa ya aku ga bisa login pake ym 10 beta? aku pake laptop windows 7

  11. suastika says:

    why i can’t login with yahoo messenger 10 beta? i am use windows 7, help me please

  12. KMR Fernando says:

    Thank you

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