Publish Text & Upload Photos, Video and Audio Files From your Android Phone with Pixelpipe 1.5

Written By Sam on 8 June 2009

Pixelpipe is basically a Social Web gateway that allows you to publish text, upload photos, video and audio files to Pixelpipe from your mobile, desktop or server and have the content distributed to different social networks, photo and video sites, blogs and micro blogs. Pixelpipe for Google Android Mobiles satisfies all the sharing features like uploading of audio and video files directly from their mobiles. For those who are already running “Cupcake” update for Android can download Pixelpipe. With Pixelpipe you can upload your videos to Twitter, Facebook, Picasa,, Flickr and many more. Video uploads to other services are supported with the built-in YouTube Uploader.


With the Menu option you can switch between Video, audio and photo views. In order to set titles, caption, and tags you should select the text to the right of the media. You can send the media to specific destinations at the time of upload and can also use the routing tags. Pictures from your phone can be directly sent to Pixelpipe by selecting Menu and then Sharing. This is a convenient feature as it doesn’t require you to open any applications on Pixelpipe. By pressing home key you can put Pixelpipe in background and continue uploading.


Pixelpipe is available now for Free of charge in Android Market. Open the Android Market from your handset, search for Pixelpipe, and install.

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