Microsoft My Phone Beta for Windows Mobile phones is Open for Public

Written By Sam on 20 May 2009

Microsoft has Upgraded its My Phone web portal and opened the service to the public which was previously limited to beta invitations only. Microsoft My Phone synchronizes information between your mobile phone and the web. You can use My Phone to back up and restore your phone’s data to a password-protected web site. You can use this to access and update your contacts and appointments through your web account. You can even use My Phone to share photos with family and friends.


By using the Free My Phone Service from Microsoft you can easily access, manage and back up your personal information present in your mobile device. Any Windows Mobile 6.x user can download and install Microsoft My Phone on their phone to try this service. The upgrade process is quick and easy and it also includes 25 languages now.

We can automatically backup contacts, Photos, videos, Messages, calendar etc by using My Phone. 200MB of Storage is allowed for each account on Microsoft My Phone site. To get going, install the app on your device for Free and check it out.

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