Windows Phone 7 add-in for Windows Home Server ‘Vail’

Written By Sam on 9 January 2011

Microsoft has unveiled a new Windows Phone 7 add-in to its Windows Home Server in the Consumer Electronics Association( CES) 2011. Codenamed as Vail, the Windows Home Server, which was assumed to be dropped by Microsoft got into limelight once again. Announcing this add-in, Microsoft has certainly bought back attention of the users worldwide towards Windows Home Server.

This add-in for Vail will let the users not only manage alerts on their Windows Phone 7 phone but also lets them access media stored on their home server and send pictures stored on their phone to the server as well. The WP7 add-in creates a new feature called “My Server” ( might change in upcoming versions) on Windows phones, which lets users to add their home server connection information. Users can enter their domain name and add an account at an ease using this feature. Providing additional options like Administrator Access, which allows users to see the Windows Home Server’s network alerts, the “My Server” feature enables the users to access the Windows Home Server’s shared folders inside their home as well.

Users will also get to see Alerts screen that presents the Alert Notifications on the Windows Home Server. Media Screen lets them access all their music, photos and videos placed on your Windows Home Server smoothly. Though their no official confirmation of the availability, Microsoft is excepted to release the add-in soon in the market.

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