Access Wikipedia From Your iPhone/iPod Touch With Free Wikipedia Official iPhone App

Written By Sam on 19 August 2009

Many of you must be using Wikipedia to know about unknown things. Now you can access it more easily from your iPhone using the Wikipedia’s official iPhone App. The Wikimedia Foundation has released its first official iPhone app to access Wikipedia from your mobile on the go. The Wikipedia app offers an alternative to browsing Wikipedia’s mobile version via the built-in Safari browser. Though Wikipedia Mobile is simple, I expect it to grow big very soon as it is 100% open source and community built.


As the Wikipedia app for the iPhone and iPod touch is distributed for free via the iTunes App Store, you can just install and give it a try. This app is focused on being very simple and very fast. Wikimedia Foundation says that over time, they will add features based on requests. If you just don’t want to install an app ou can always use the official mobile site at

Download Wikipedia Mobile via iTunes [FREE]

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