Kindle iPhone and iPad App Loaded With Dictionary, Wikipedia And Google Word Search

Written By Sam on 31 July 2010

Amazon’s Kindle app ver2.2 for the iPhone and iPad contains the complete Oxford dictionary, Wikipedia and Google. Although the full dictionary feature of Kindle matches the Apple’s iBook app, Kindle has scored with better implementation of this feature.

In Kindle App, when you highlight a word, the definition of the word is automatically displayed at the bottom of the screen. So, you are “saving” an extra click as compared to Apple’s app.

In addition to this, links to Google and Wikipedia are also displayed to enable you to further investigate the word. Although this takes you out of the app and into the iPhone or iPad web browser, this is a handy feature for those who wish to increase their vocabulary. Also included alongside the links to Wikipedia and Google, is a link to “Full Definition” of the highlighted word. “Clicking the link takes you to new Oxford American Dictionary that’s automatically downloaded in v2.2, and contains some 250,000 entries,” Amazon informs.

The latest version of Kindle App for iPad, permits you to search inside a book, another feature that is similar to Apple’s iBooks functionality. Apart from these new features, the version 2.2 of Kindle app provides better line spacing on the iPad version, and fast-app switching for iOS 4 devices.

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