Mac OS X Lion Complete Features – Multi-User Remote Computing, WebKit2 for Safari, Signature Capture, Magnifier, New Window Controls and Gestures

Written By Sam on 2 March 2011

Apple’s Mac OS X is turning more powerful day by day. Implementing many new features and advanced technologies, Mac OS is already par superior to the existing OS’s, and now adding up new features, it is certain to take its bar even higher. Apple’s Mac OS X 10.7 comes bundled with new features like built-in Lion server, Multi-User Remoting, WebKit 2 and windows controls and gestures as well.

Apple’s Lion server has a Multi-user remoting feature which allows remote login to any account on another Mac, without interrupting the other person using it. You can easily interact with people remotely and access files remotely from anywhere with Back to my Mac service and MobileMe . This feature is certainly beyond the normal remote computing, as this enhanced version allows multiple mac global users to connect more efficiently.

Mac OS X Lion also uses WebKit 2 in their updated version of Safari web browser making it more stable and reliable. Lion might ship with Safari browser 6 instead of 5 says the sources. For those unaware of WebKit 2, it is a new API layer for WebKit that enhances the browser experience by offering both speed and security improvements. Along with features like Magnifier and signature capture, Lion also has got new gestures and windows controls. You will not find the regular overlay scroll bars which occupy most of the windows area, instead you will get to see fadable scroll bars that can be interacted with using the pointer while they are visible.

Mac OS X Lion also has a flexible window resizing facility that allows you to resize as well as restore from any edge or corner of the window. Mac X 10.7 Comprises many surprising features and applications like Time Machine aka Local Snapshots and surely Mac X OS Lion seems to be the next big thing!

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