Adobe AIR 2.0 Features Gestures and Multitouch, IPv6 Support, WebKit Upgrades and Uses Less Memory

Written By Sam on 1 November 2009

Adobe AIR 2.0 is on the way to hit Adobe Labs soon with many undated advance features. There are many Apps developed on the Adobe AIR framework and all these apps can take the advantage of the new features to give a better user experience. The main features like Multi-touch and Gestures will definitely improve the way the new apps will work on the AIR 2.0 framework. Version 2.0 of AIR will be released later on this year and be available for everybody in the early months of 2010.


Features and Improvements in Adobe AIR 2.0

Gestures and Multitouch : Both Mac and Windows 7 users will acquire new innovative support for gestures like two finger tap, press and tap, press, zoom, pan, swipe and turn. Mac users with multitouch hardware can perform multitouch actions already in AIR apps, but in the next version of AIR, this feature will be available for Windows users also.

Storage Volume Detection : With this new storage volume APIs you can snoop for the increasing and decreasing storage volumes, list of available volumes, and also you can get storage volumes information like the file system type, whether it’s writable, whether it’s detachable, the drive label, and the drive letter.

Local Audio Encoding : You can access audio data right away from the microphone instead of sending it to a server.

File Promises : File promises helps you to easily drag and drop files which exist on a remote server. It also provides an execution which will robotically download remote files and also store them to the location you want. It also helps you to generate files on-demand.

Access to Low-Level Web Information : The NetworkInfo object allows you enumerate network interfaces on the machine and get access to all properties like whether they are active, their display name and their IP address.

Other features of Adobe AIR 2.0 includes Encrypted Sockets, IPv6 Support, Native Processes, Server Sockets, Datagram Sockets, DNS Resolution, Configurable HTTP Idle Timeout, Global Error Handling, Improved Printing, WebKit Upgrades, Exiting Event on Shutdown and other General Optimizations.

AIR apps really give you a good experience outside across computing platforms. We were waiting for AIR for a long time and it will soon be available for all with all possible improvements. Expectantly 2.0 won’t be too long in coming.

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