10 Best iPhone Clones – Sciphone, i68+, N8, i9++, HiPhone, YPhone, TV i9+++, Lixin

Written By Sam on 1 August 2010

Apple Inc. created a revolution in the mobile industry by its sensational iPhone; this gadget became so popular that many companies are now aspired to create handsets that looked similar to Apple’s iPhone. These iPhone clones look alike the original iPhones in design as well as in technical specifications but at a comparatively lower price. Most of these iPhone Clones are made by Chinese companies. In this article, we wrote about ten such iPhone clones that are really worth looking at!

Sciphone i68+ (SZRW352)

Sciphone i68+ is a Dual Card Quad Band JAVA Ultra-thin handset that features a flat 3.2″ touch screen with a resolution of 800×400 pixels. Costing around $104.99, Sciphone i68+ is a super slim phone that features iPhone-Style Menu, Gravity Acceleration Sensor, Dual SIM capabilities, FM radio and music player along with Bluetooth connectivity. Available in black color, Sciphone i68+ weighs around 0.116Kg.

Features of Sciphone i68+

  • 3.2″ inch Flat touch screen display with resolution of 800X400 pixels and weighs around 0.116 kg with dimensions 114mm * 60mm * 12mm ( W*D*H)
  • Dual card Quad Band
  • Support for MP3 / WAV / AMR / AWB audio formats.
  • Java enabled with iPhone-Style Menu
  • Gravity Acceleration Sensor
  • Support memory card to extend
  • Alarm clock, calendar, eBook reader, currency and unit converters
  • Bluetooth and WAP connectivity
  • PC Camera with resolutions 640×480 / 320×240 / 240×320 / 160×120 / 80×60.

H8 Dual SIM Card Quad Band Ultra (SZRW356)

H8 Dual Card Quad Band Ultra (SZRW356) is stylish handset with 2.6″ inch touch screen TFT display. Working upon GSM network frequencies 850/900/1800/1900 MHz and weighing around 0.07 kg this handset features many impressive features like Acceleration sensor, camera with a vivid range of resolutions and support for various audio and video formats.

Features of H8 Dual SIM and Quad Band Ultra

  • Support for Dual Sim
  • Dimensions – 99mm*54mm*10mm ( Width* Depth * Height) and weighs around 0.07Kg
  • FM Radio, 3GP / MPEG4 (AVI) players
  • Gravity Acceleration Sensor Cell phone
  • Flat TFT Touch Screen with 256K Colors as display colors.
  • Bluetooth and WAP connectivity.
  • Available in white color

Sciphone I68+ Pro Dual Sim Card Quad Band JAVA

With stylish look and responsive touch controls, i68+ Uses the latest Tilt ‘n’ Shake technology. Unlocked for almost all major networks, i68+ features Flat TFT display screen with a resolution of 240×320 pixels along with an impressive high end PC camera and support for multiple audio and video formats. Sciphone I68+ is available in black color and weighing around 0.100 Kg this Java enabled handset costs around $85.

Features of Sciphone I68+ Pro Dual Sim Card Quad Band Mobile

  • Flat QVGA ( TFT display with Size 3.2 inch and 240×320 pixels resolution.
  • Dimensions(Width*Depth*Height)- 110mm * 60mm * 11mm
  • Bluetooth and WAP connectivity.
  • Support for various audio/video formats
  • Camera Picture Resolution – 640×480 / 320×240 / 240×320 / 160×120 / 80×60
  • FM Radio and MP3 player


N8 EPHONE is a Dual card Quad Band TV Flat TFT Touch Screen handset available in white color. With dimensions of 94mm *52mm *13mm and weighing around 0.08Kg, N8 EPHONE is TV enables and you can rejoice watching your favorite TV channels for free from the handset. Costing around $92.99, this ultra thin phone Features FM radio, Music player, Gravity Acceleration Sensor and many more.

Features of N8 EPHONE

  • 2.8 inch-TFT touch display with resolution 240×320 pixels.
  • Dual SIM capabilities
  • Bluetooth and WAP connectivity
  • FM Radio – Pick up your favorite FM radio stations no matter where you are
  • TV-Enabled
  • In-built Gravity Acceleration Sensor
  • High definition PC camera
  • Battery with Stand-by Time Up to 400 hours


I9++ is a stylish sleek touch screen handset that is Dual Card Quad Band and JAVA enabled. With 3.2 inch QVGA touch display of  240×320 pixels, I9++ weighs around 110g and features 0.3 MP camera, music player and dual SIM capabilities along with many other impressive features. I9++ costs around $98.99.

Features of I9++

  • Dimensions – 116 mm * 62 mm * 12mm and weighs around 110g.
  • 3.2 inch-TFT touch display with resolution 240×320 pixels.
  • Network –  GSM  850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
  • Dual SIM capabilities
  • 4 common games
  • Bluetooth and WAP connectivity
  • Support for multiple audio and video formats
  • In-built Gravity Acceleration Sensor
  • 0.3 MP camera
  • Battery with Stand-by Time Up to 280 hours

HiPhone I9+

I9+ is the next generation touch phone of HiPhones following the grandeur of is popular i9, the HiPhone i9+ is a fashionable sleek handset that features  Quad-band GSM connectivity, video player, 1.3 mega pixel camera, speakerphone and many other features. Featuring one common game, I9+ is a lightweight handset that costs around $61.99 and is available in white or silver colors.

Features of HiPhone I9+

  • Network – GSM  850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • 3.2″ QVGA touch screen with 260K colors and resolution of 240×320 pixels
  • Weighs around 100 g with dimensions 115mm *61mm *12mm
  • 1.3 Mega pixel camera

YPhone I68+

YPhone I68+ is a touch screen handset with inbuilt WIFI TV. It is a Java based Quad Band handset that features 3.2-Inch Touch Screen and a Qwerty Keypad. Pricing around $166.99, YPhone I68+ features advanced WiFi technology, 180 degree Screen, dual Camera and dual Sim capabilities. Costing around $82.99, YPhone I69+ is available in black color.

Features of YPhone I68+

  • WiFi  and TV enabled
  • 3.2″ Touchscreen  256K display color
  • Dimensions 110mm ×58mm ×13mm with color VGA (240×300)
  • 180 degree Screen
  • Dual Camera
  • Dual SIM
  • Bluetooth
  • Ultra-thin and compact
  • FM Radio and music players

TV I999+

TV I999+ is another Dual Card Quad Band with Dual Camera and Flashlight TVs support. With 3.2 Inch Flat Touch Screen, TV I999+ includes Tilt ‘n’ Shake technology and is fully unlocked for all the carriers. Features of TV I999+ are Bluetooth, TV-Enabled, Flashlight, Full Screen View, and impressive touch controls. Costing around $ 82.99, I999+ is available in black color.

Features of TV I999+

  • Dimensions(W*D*H)- 115mm ×62mm ×12mm and weighs around  0.119Kg
  • 3.2″ Display with Screen Resolution QVGA (240×320 pixels)
  • Battery Stand-by Time Up to 400 hours
  • Support for Audio File Formats – MP3/WAV/AMR/AWB
  • Support for Video File Formats – 3GP/MPEG4 (AVI)
  • Support for Extended memory Card – 8G

Lixin N1

Lixin N1 is a Quad Band Dual Card Dual Camera handset that includes WIFI TV. This JAVA 3.0 enabled device features 3.0” Touch Screen with a resolution of 240x 320 pixels. Lixin N1 has TV-Enabled feature that allows you to watch all the TV channels free as the analog antenna of the device picks up the signals. Available in Black and White colors and weighing around 0.08Kg, Lixin N1 is an impressive phone at a price of $154.99.

Features of Lixin N1

  • 3.0″ VGA touch screen display with 240×320 pixels resolution.
  • High definition Dual camera
  • Dimensions 103 mm ×56mm ×11mm and weighs around 0.08Kg.
  • TV-Enabled
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • Java Enabled
  • Dual SIM capabilities

3Pro iPhone Clone

3Pro is a JAVA based Quad Band handset with FM Digital TV TVB-T, Bluetooth and Tilt ‘n’ shake functions. 3Pro is stylish and ultra thin phone that features a 3.4″ QVGA TFT Touch screen with a resolution of 240×320 pixels along with many impressive features. Costing around $149.99 and weighing 0.1Kg, 3Pro is a very light weighted handset. 3Pro is available in white color.

Features of 3Pro

  • 3.4″ TFT display with 240×320 pixels resolution and 256K display colors.
  • Dimensions (W*D*H) – 116 mm × 52mm × 10.9mm
  • High definition camera with Camera Picture Resolutions – 640×480/320×240/240×320/160×120/80×60
  • Digital TV enabled
  • In-built Tilt ‘n’ shake technology
  • Responsive touch screen

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